XCMG Complete Large-sized Mining Machinery Displayed on bauma China

On November 25, the biennial 2014 bauma China was held in Shanghai with participation of many construction machinery manufacturers from all over the world. The combination of two super powers, namely, the XCMG 400T hydraulic excavator and 240T electric-drive mining tipper drew more attentions from visitors than those from competitors. The XE4000 hydraulic excavator has the largest tonnage in China, filling the domestic blank. As the only manufacturer providing super large-sized excavating machinery and complete mining and construction machinery and equipment in China, XCMG’s products include two categories and full range of products, namely, the hydraulic excavators ranging from 1.5-400T and mining tipper ranging from 30-400T, which can meet diversified construction requirement of customers.

Large-sized hydraulic excavators were developed and produced by foreign enterprises in the past. Guided by the development strategy of “high-end market, high technology content, high reliability and large tonnage” and based on the idea of self-dependent innovation, XCMG has developed successfully 300T and 400T super large-sized excavators and large-sized mining tippers, which not only breaks the monopoly of foreign brands, but also promotes the national excavator industry to a brand-new level.

The 240T excavator integrates multiple unique innovative designs, multi-pump joint-debugging hydraulic system, self-developed control system as well as working device with optimal design, guaranteeing the reliability and durability of the product to the maximum. At present, XCMG has applied around 100 patents in respect of super large-tonnage excavator technology innovation, including about 20 invention patents. Featuring high-end configuration and excellent performance, XDE240 electric-drive mining tipper has been applied with multiple proprietary intellectual property rights, which integrates such advanced mine car travel control technologies as anti-slip driving technology, drive force steering adaptive technology, anti-slip control technology, and electronic differential technology, capable of heavy-loaded transportation in complex road conditions with international level of reliability and safety.

With fine workmanship and high quality, XCMG will further improve its large-sized excavators and mining tippers to realize the objective of serialization and complete matching, provide the mine areas with customized, cost-effective, effective, and quick excavating and transportation solutions, and offer comprehensive services for constructions all around the world.