The Journey of XCMG Rebranding “Made in China” in U.S. Market

The excitement still lingers after XCMG showcased 14 advanced construction equipment in CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017. The trade show perfectly demonstrates top-quality machinery from XCMG, China’s largest construction machinery manufacturer, is widely recognized in the world’s most demanding high-end market.

“In fact, the reputation of XCMG in the U.S. nowadays, especially for our excavators, even exceeds that of Japanese and Korean brands.” Said Mr. Cui Yue, U.S. Foreign Trade Manager.

Caption: XCMG booth in CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017

XCMG successfully established an extensive market coverage in the country by building partnerships with local top-tier equipment rental companies, which makes our machine available in 35 states, covering 60% of the total land area in the States.

"Our collaboration with Neff Rental has brought us US$10 million and sold 100 machines. We are confident that our 3-year partnership with Ahern Rentals will generate US$100 million by bringing up the number of sales to 900 equipment.” Mr. Cui Yue added.

The success and reputation of XCMG are built through the consistent delivery of brand promise in creating user-oriented products.

Improve Quality Standard

Knowing product quality is crucial to U.S. customers, a massive investment was made to set up an R&D Center and a wholly-owned subsidiary in the States, focusing on market research and enhancing the productivity and performance of our machines.


Caption: XCMG R&D Center in the U.S. 

The independently run office, founded in 2016, only hires local experts to develop cutting-edge products. As a result, the high-performance machines never cease to amaze our users.

“A colleague of ours met a U.S. client who chose to use XCMG excavator in a very harsh environment, thought it would be more cost-effective even if the machine wore out quickly.” U.S. Foreign Trade Manager Mr. Cui Yue shared, “To their surprise, our machine got out from dirt easily and was functioning perfectly fine!”

Understand User Preference

Understanding clients is another key to the success of XCMG. Apart from market research carried out by XCMG U.S. R&D Center, XCMG also relocated experienced engineers to the U.S. to optimize the operational experience of the products. Just for the excavator alone, over 100 adjustments have been made since its first successful launch in the U.S. market.

“Our local designers and the Chinese team have different opinions at first, because of different culture-related user preferences, however, through the exchange, we now understand the needs of U.S. clients better.” Mr. Tao Yong Sheng, the Technical Director of XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit explained.

Strengthening the after-sales service also allows XCMG to better communicate with customers. The team continually collects clients’ feedbacks and exchange ideas with other teams to perfect our products and machinery solutions that are being offered to the local market.

Develop Own Intellectual Property 

While XCMG is fearlessly expanding in North America, the company is championing originality in innovation. In recent years, XCMG has spent significant resources in developing its patent portfolio and acquiring exclusive license rights to technology patents. 

Advanced intellectual property management sure will help XCMG in maintaining its competitive edge in the market, we promise to continue to evolve without sacrificing the core values of creating “Durable Products with Advanced Technology” and striving to become the best “Made in China” in the international standards.