[Revelation of CCTV] Experience “made in china”: The crane of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) lifts the “arm of the nation”

With increasing “super projects” in China, major projects need the support of heavy equipment, which undoubtedly tests the construction machinery production industry in China and reflects the extraordinary construction machinery production level of China. On March 18, the program Experience “Made in China” in CCTV2 deeply reported the core breakthrough and shocked hoisting scene of cranes of XCMG obtained in the wind power field. 

Powerful crane lifts the “arm of the nation”

This is Qujing, Yunnan, a site of the wind power hoisting project. The tower tube that is erected slowly is the first of the three, which is 62t (the weight of 14 adult elephants). QAY650 all-terrain crane of XCMG designed and manufactured independently by China can lift the tower tube, which is also the main type of crane for wind power hoisting in domestic at present. 

The erected tower tube shall be fixed on the base. The connection of the tower tube and base is the biggest test of accuracy of the crane. At the time, the hoisting command has arrived at the site ahead of time, where there are precise instruments. Once being touched by the tower tube, the precise instruments that value RMB 3 or 4 million yuan are very likely to be scrapped. The hoisting command must ensure absolute safety of this link. 

What’s more challengeable is that the engineers shall ensure to align 108 holes on the lower end of the tower tube to the holes on the base without touching precise instruments, which requires no more than 5mm movement range of the tower tube. 

The movement within 5mm tests the micro-motion property of the super tonnage crane. 

Engine room is the heaviest equipment of 64t in the hoisting link. To lift it to the height of 80m, the lever of crane has stretched out for 92, reaching the limit of a lifting arm.

It doesn't matter whether you have missed the live telecast of CCTV. I will take you to the construction site to feel the powerful force of the crane of XCMG as the “heavy equipment of China”!

Video address: https://v.qq.com/x/page/x0385lhgfjj.html