After XCMG is far ahead the large-tonnage, 6-tonnage and high-end fields, XCMG builds the “No. 1 brand” through the “No. 1 strategy” of XCMG Earth Moving

In the spring of 2017, engineering machinery industry of China is fully recovered. Benefited from the good anticipation of market recovery, XCMG further enlarges its advantages in the Chinese loader industry, especially the 6-tonnage product market.

In recent years, although the Chinese loader industry is still in the status of downturn, the market share of XCMG loader is still improved continuously, especially the large-tonnage products of high technology content and high additional value with the market share being in the leading position in the industry for many years.

Rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength, XCMG has the sales volume of its 6-tonnage loader ranked the first of the industry at present

In the heavy load and harsh working conditions such as mine, port, coal logistics and railway loading and unloading, XCMG achieves major breakthrough successively in the products of V series newly launched by XCMG, and has gradually weakened the influence of “imported brands”. The American and Japanese products that once occupied the leading position have their market shares reduced greatly. 6-tonnage loader and other large-tonnage product of XCMG has become the first choice of system users and major users during centralized and batch purchase. Evaluation of a user of a certain large mine is as shown below.

Large-tonnage loaders of XCMG are used in mines and ports in domestic

Through the data, the sales volume of loaders in the Chinese market in 2016 was nearly 70,000, which reduced for more than 60% compared with the peak. From January to December in the year of 2016, monthly sales volumes of XCMG and other brand took turns to rank the first in the Chinese loader market. Performance of loaders of XCMG is “extremely outstanding” in the aspects of annual market share and users coverage and public praise of large-tonnage products. In recent years, market influence of XCMG is rapidly increased and large orders are continuously received, especially among the major users and system users groups who have extremely strict requirements for equipment and services. XCMG gradually plays a leading role in the Chinese loader industry because of the sustained research on the products, technologies, market and end user connection.

True 6-tonnage machine & good product

In the Chinese loader industry, all enterprises long researched and developed large-tonnage products, but made few breakthroughs.

Recently, although many brands have launched 6-tonnage, 8-tonnage, 10-tonnage and even heavier products in order to race to control the commanding height of public opinions, market and innovation, some products are really unworthy of the great reputation. 

In the Chinese loader market, the most common electrically controlled transmission of the previous mainstream 5-tonnage product with high configuration has good and stable performance undoubtedly; however, this “traditional main transmission” has maximized its capability based on the “load” of the 5-tonnage loader; a user who works for the port field and has used large-tonnage products for decades said that “the transmission of a loader must be replaced to really reach the load of 6 tons and even higher.” But, he added, some so-called 6-tonnage products of many brands actually use the transmissions of 5-tonnage machines. And the “6-tonnage loader” cannot meet the loading requirements of 6-tonnage products at all. Users who really purchase such products paid for the 6-tonnage equipment but got the 5-tonnage product.

Compared with such “false” 5-tonnage machine, the 6-tonnage loader of XCMG is genuine and at a fair price.

True 6-tonnage machine & good product

6-tonnage loader of V series of XCMG adopts the only heavy-duty transmission that really applies to 6-tonnage loader in the industry. Meanwhile, the 6-tonnage products of XCMG show remarkable superiorities in the practical efficiency and various capabilities because of the introduction of the automatic power distribution (APD) technology – that is to provide different pressures and flows according to the requirements of different working conditions.

To achieve this purpose, XCMG spends more than 10 years to practice loaders sincerely, and invests a lot of money. From R&D and manufacture to the use of the company purchased in Europe as the base and the introduction of global leading hydraulic technology, XCMG consolidates and stabilizes its loader product technology and product upgrade step by step. “XCMG ignores the cost and investment for these aspects of the loader, and only concerns about the final user value and achievement. After all, only the best technology and powerful products can gain users, achieve the purpose of “no failure”, lay the status of the enterprise, and ensure the leading superiority of the enterprise.” Yang Dongsheng, General Manager of the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, General Manager of the XCMG Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., and General Manager of the XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit, repeated the same opinion in all occasions, and also showed the same self-confidence.

Speaking of XCMG’s loader and the loader technology, Manager Yang is full of confidence

The No. 1 strategy and the No. 1 brand

XCMG is unsatisfied with the “leading” 6-tonnage and large-tonnage products. “Our ultimate struggling objective is to achieve success of all products in the domestic and overseas markets and rank the first, which can certify our ultimate strength.” Manager Yang cannot hide his excitement, every time when he mentions this medium and long term plan. 

Obviously, XCMG is carrying forward a magnificent “‘No. 1 strategic action’” in Chinese and even global loader field, with implementation points of the action distributed in different links such as innovation, product, service and brand.

The most popular LW600FV of XCMG is operated in the sand stocking yard

“Compared with the improvement of configuration, load capacity and performance of the product, the application and innovation of intelligent technology of XCMG’s loader is easier to bring users with refreshing outlook”, said the users who have used the “black technology” and “high technology” of V series.

Big hopper & high-position discharge: LW600FV of XCMG supports coal power production

Loaders of XCMG can achieve intelligent loading, and automatically optimize the operation cycle action; taking advantage of the Internet of Things and other system, XCMG can also achieve unmanned driving of loader products and smart upgrade of life cycle management; based on long-term preparation, XCMG has perfected the information platform including accurate “one machine and one manual” at present. “On this basis, we bring our users with higher work efficiency, better operation and use experience, and create more value”, said Yue Taiyu, the Deputy General Manager of XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit. And more than one insider expressed that “large-scale field test and use and the vast user operation experience base meanwhile enables the intelligence level of Chinese engineering machinery represented by XCMG’s loader to keep pace with the global level on the whole. And we will even play a leading role in the loader.”

XCMG will not decline to shoulder the responsibility of port logistics

XCMG provides good services

Besides the innovation and application that is closely related to the global trend, another power generation point of the “No. 1 strategy” promoted by XCMG Earth Moving is “good service”.

All manufacturers of Chinese engineering machinery industry are not new to service; but with the gradually stable capacity of the pre-market, the contribution of sales volume to the enterprise scale and profit is decreased progressively. The post-market is becoming the brand to create super value for users, the critical point to win users and the market, and certainly an important measure to get rid of homogeneous competition of the industry.

Being committed to customer development and achieving service brand, XCMG will be always with the customers

Over the years, one of the key jobs still quietly promoted by XCMG Earth Moving is the whole-process “golden service”. The so-called “golden service” is no longer limited to the after-sales service and service timeliness and satisfaction, but covers the life cycle of the equipment. “It shall provide users with the contents beyond traditional service and customer expectation, and make it possible for these services to bring users with real increment of value”, said Manager Yue. On the road of “service adds user value”, exerted building of XCMG loader is a kind of “special operation” capability. Direct understanding: Accurate prediction, quick response and accurate placement.

Based on the deep understanding and the supporting technologies and model innovation, as well as the originally excellent executive force, loaders of XCMG are rapidly sold in Chinese and global markets recently, capture the field firmly occupied by other competitor, and achieve outstanding performance in substitutes for imported goods and international marketing. In particular, since 2017, the order of “million yuan” or “10 million yuan” is ordinary in XCMG Earth Moving.

“However, we cannot relax our minds and slow down the step in the rising period; the coming three years are critical for XCMG’s loader to consolidate the market status and gain users, so we must achieve the objective with extremely positive mind”, said Manager Yang.