The complete set of digging & transport equipments of the maximum tonnage in China is going to be used in the mining area

With the “hero of the mining industry”, coal is obtained from the earth. On the mine of the ChinaCoal Pingshuo Group – an extra large coal manufacturer with many national leading indicators, the largest complete set of mining mechanical equipments of China - XE4000 mining hydraulic excavator and XDE240 mining dumper of XCMG have conducted joint construction of one year. With 25 national invention patents, XE4000 mining hydraulic excavator of XCMG has obvious advantages of wide range of mining, high pushing force and crushing force, strong maneuverability and off-road mobility, etc. The electrically driven dumper of 240t is provided with the container volume of 148m3, engine power of 2,500 HP, high reliability, comfort, safety, intelligence and other features. Its performance has reached the international advanced level. Since construction, the “hero of the mining industry” is highly recognized by the construction party by virtue of excellent performance. Zhao Yanhe, Production Manager of the eastern strip mine of the ChinaCoal Pingshuo Group expressed that: “We mainly use the equipments of foreign brands, which cost a lot in purchase and maintenance. But the complete set of mining equipments of XCMG of reliable quality and high attendance rate not only reduces the use and maintenance costs greatly, but also improves the quality and efficiency of earth moving.” It is reported that XCMG has cooperated with the ChinaCoal Pingshuo Group to jointly develop 700-tonnage ultra-large mining hydraulic excavator, which renews the record of the excavator of the largest tonnage in China.