The new 4S shop of XCMG holds a grand opening in Nepal

On February 11, XCMG and XCMG-IDMC held the opening ceremony in front of the new 4S shop in Katmandu. Major customers of Nepal, newspapers, television and other media are invited to participate in the opening ceremony. In the opening ceremony, Liu Jiansen, General Manager of the import and export corporation of XCMG and the Chairman of IDMC jointly cut the ribbon for the new shop.

On the spot, Liu Jiansen represented XCMG to answer the questions and doubts put forward by journalists and customers. At that night, XCMG and XCMG-IDMC jointly held the customer presentation in the five-star hotel SOALTEE CROWN PLAZA of Katmandu. More than 200 persons were invited, including the Minister of Ministry of Industry of Nepal, Secretary of the Economic Division of Chinese Embassy in Nepal and major customers. In the customer presentation, Liu Jiansen, the General Manager, showed the products and global layout of XCMG by ppt, video, etc.

Located in the southern foot of Himalayas, Nepal has rich natural resources. To the north of China, Nepal is a friendly neighbor since ancient times. As one of the important countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, Nepal is also a market focused by XCMG. Opening of the new 4S shop of XCMG in Nepal will greatly promote the business development of XCMG in this market, provide more high-quality products for local customers, and provides more considerate service.