Three kinds of cranes of XCMG show their strengths in the Gulf of Thailand, and support the construction of overhead roads in Bangkok

Bangkok is hot and humid. With the coming of the rainy season, the rain deposited nearly every day muddies the road of the construction site. It is difficult for ordinary wheeled crane to enter the site and crawler crane to be transferred to other sites, and takes long time to remove and install the crawler crane. At that time, the three XGC55 crawler-type telescopic jib cranes of XCMG smoothly solved this problem.

“XCMG is great!” Customers of Thailand never stingily praise the strong movement capacity and excellent and reliable hoisting capacity of the crawler of XCMG’s XGC55 crawler-type telescopic jib crane. In a period of time, the three cranes of XCMG become stars of this construction site in Bangkok. At the beginning, customers worried that cranes made by XCMG will be “unable to operate” under hot and humid environment, and cause increase of the failure rate and influence on the project progress. However, days of continuous high-strength operation and the zero failure rate of the equipment dispels anxiety of customers thoroughly. The advanced pilot control technology simplifies the operation and enables operating personnel to quickly master the operation; self-removable counterweight design, limiter safety limit, crawler self extension technology and other design reflect that the design and manufacture team of XCMG wants to do what customers want and is anxious about what the market worries.