XCMG Research in International Standars Take Leading Position to Get More Power of Say – the First XCMG Research Program on International Standard Finalized Project Defense

Days ago, Study of International Standards in Machinery Engineering Documentations, a key national R&D program for 2017 spearheaded by XCMG, finalized the project defense. As a special project of general technical study and application for quality foundation in 2017, the project application team worked hard for more than half a year before submitting to review experts the accurate and detailed defense materials and made concise but clear defense demonstrations while giving wonderful answers to questions raised by defense/review experts. XCMG has made another step forward in making international standards.


The best enterprises focus on standards when others emphasize on brands and products. As the benchmark and leader in the industry, XCMG not only utilizes but also makes industrial standards. Spearheading to make international standards represents that it has the highest power of say in the industry. As the pacesetter in making international standards in the industry, XCMG has left its deep footprints in the arena of standards of high-end machinery manufacturing in the world.

At present, it is principally believed that standards made by ISO, IEC and ITU are international standards. As a result, study of international standards is led, organized or coordinated by ISO, IEC or ITU.

Nowadays, international standards principally made by China only account for 0.7% of the total international standards made in the same period. It is difficult to obtain the right to make international standards, which consume long time, involve wide range of efforts, feature complex process and have very high requirements for the enterprise’s technical ability and capacity in studying standards in and out of China. As a result, the enterprises should improve themselves by working hard for long in a persistent way. Studying international standards does not mean categorizing international standards, making a list of existing international standards for reference, compiling the existing international standards or sorting out relevant technical articles. Instead, it means, based on analyzing the large quantity of literatures and materials, identifying the fields in which there are no international standards and needs for revising the existing international standards, submitting proposals for new international standards, and making/revising international standards in accordance with relevant guidelines. It not only needs the mammoth preliminary survey and analysis. The team should also have solid theoretical foundation and technical accumulations. Even more, in each phase of making/revising international standards, we should express our advanced technologies, methods and processes in language of standards and get recognition and support from most member countries. In average, each international standard needs 4-5 years to make. Just like competing in a marathon, it is likely that you don’t see flowers or hear applause in the process and sometimes you feel tired and lonely. Only those who are strong and persistent enough can harvest the pleasure and sense of success when they reach the terminal point.

For years, XCMG has been working hard to study international standards. In 2011, XCMG participated in making an international standard for the first time. Now, XCMG is spearheading to make two ISO standards about size marking of metal components and 3D digital manual while participating in revising three ISO international standards, namely, digital prototype, virtual assembly experiment and representation of spline, competing against developed countries such as US, Japan and EU on the stage of international standards on behalf of China. In this period, XCMG also had its worries and puzzles as the newcomer, harvested happiness and pleasure when the new proposals were recognized by experts from various countries, debated with experts and answered their questions in a patient way. XCMG keeps working hard to get power of say in making/revising international standards so as to fulfill its commitment to “leading technologies and never fading”, and ensure XCMG can realize its international development and climb to the peak in the industry.