XCMG Gains New Market Shares Overseas for Aerial Working Platform!

A number of XCMG aerial working platforms were ready to be transported to various Asia-Pacific regions recently for local construction. It has been exported to Australia for the first time, marking a new starting point for XCMG aerial working platform to seize overseas markets. 

Fnacig the exponential growth of aerial working platform industry in 2017, XCMG has tapped into the international market for fire-fighting machinery in addition to expansion in the domestic aerial working field. Driven by the “Belt & Road” Initiative, XCMG has accelerated the strategy for “going global” and focused on key regions in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Latin America. It has formulated plans for developing the market channels for aerial working platform, so that the company will speed up establishment of marketing channels and enhancement of marketing network. 

XCMG have harvested fruitful results on overseas markets of aerial working platform, and its products have been sold in bulk to Kuwait, the Philippines, India, Australia and other countries benefited from the “Belt & Road” policy, showing XCMG’s leading strengths in the industry and for the world.