XCMG Continues to Claim Industry’s TOP 1 of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands with a Brand Value of RMB 51.243 Billion

On June 22, 2017, the news release of 14th World Brand Summit & 14th China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands was held in Beijing. The World Brand Lab issued the ranking of 2017 China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands, XCMG claimed the leading position in China’s construction machinery industry again, ranking No.67 with a brand value of RMB 51.243 billion, improving RMB 8.162 billion compared with that of 2016 (RMB 43.081 billion) with growth rate of 18.9%. It marks the fourth consecutive year of top ranking in the industry since XCMG’s entry.

No.67  XCMG  Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd.  512.43  Machinery  China  Jiangsu

The World Brand Lab is an international and professional brand research institution. Headquartered in New York, the US, and chaired by Robert Mundell, winner of the Nobel Prize for economics in 1999 and professor of Columbia University, it is wholly owned by iceo.com,a leading international strategy consulting firm. The institution’s experts and advisors come from world top academic institutes, such as Harvard University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, their research achievement has been the crucial basis for the intangible assets evaluation in the process of many enterprises’ merger and acquisition. The judgment dimension of brand value includes market share, brand loyalty and global leadership acquainted by the public.

At the news release, Dr. Chu Xuping, director of SASAC research center of the State Council said that the production volume of over 220 industrial products of China reach the top level globally, net exports of manufacturing also ranks first in the world, China's manufacturing sector accounted for 20.8% of the world's added value. Concerning the second largest economy, the largest exporting country and world factory, China is still A Great Country of Manufacturing and a Small Country of Brands. On one hand, excess production capacity has become a major problem restricting China's economic transformation. Meanwhile, the manufacturing and supply of famous brands remain insufficient.

XCMG restores the brand developing strategy in recent years, with development target of High-end, Top-class Brands, focusing on building Quality, Innovation, Value and Obligation-oriented core value of brands. It is committed to creating a world-class construction machinery brand originated from China, and speaks for China’s industry.

Marching towards mid-and-high-end market by leading technology and everlasting products

At present, China’s real economy remains stable and improved. However, it still requires much effort in shifting the gears, structural adjustment and replace old growth drivers with new ones. Great pressure still exists to cope with the challenges caused by industrialization in developed countries and to Internet + for driving the new technological revolution.

XCMG’s 11km-long Automatic Transfer Release Chain

Debut of XCMG’s Mining Jumbo XE3000 Excavator at Bauma China in Shanghai

In this context, Mr. Wang Min, President of XCMG firstly proposed the operation golden standard, featuring leading technology and everlasting products in the industry, insisting Three Highs and One Large (High Reliability, High Added-value and High Technology, Large-scale)-oriented road of product development and technology innovation and speeding the issue of intelligent and energy-saving environmental protection-oriented high-end and high-quality products. It marks XCMG’s genuine pursuit to implement the Made in China 2025 initiative. The operation golden standard, featuring leading technology and everlasting products in the industry, is supporting the company’s overall product innovation and intelligent transformation and upgrading, helping XCMG marching towards the mid and high-end market globally.

XCMG is the only Chinese construction machinery enterprise listed in TOP10 around the world

In the ranking released by KHL in 2017, a world authoritative global construction machinery industry ranking list, XCMG ranks the NO.8, it is the only Chinese construction machinery enterprise listed in TOP10 around the world.

Industrial Diversity pushes forward structure transformation and upgrading of supply-side reform

XCMG has been adhering to the main business of key components of construction machinery, based on which it is devoted to developing two major blocks as Sanitation and Heavy-truck. The company cast great effort in two brand-new ten-billion-revenue pillar industries apart from construction machinery, forming Three Pillars in manufacturing sector.

XCMG Creates Sanitation-Oriented Industry with RMB 10-Billion Investment

XCMG’s Heavy-Truck Sector with Investment of RMB 10 Billion

Meanwhile, the company fastens the cultivation of mining machinery, building maintenance machinery, fire protection equipment, aerial work platform, underground space construction equipment and etc., further optimizing industrial structure and accelerating modern service industry cored by financial services, post-market and information industry with purpose of transforming from manufacturing-oriented enterprise to service-oriented enterprises.

"Product Intelligence" promotes the transformation and upgrading of product structure

XCMG is heading towards the orientation of industrial High-end, Intelligence, Green and Service with higher speed, striving to break through the bottleneck and short board of the manufacturing industry, creating industrial competitive advantage and realizing comprehensive transformation and upgrading in terms of technology, management, business mode and etc. so as to conquer the heights of global industry and precisely forge a brand-new path of intelligent manufacturing appropriate for its development.

XCA60, the First All-terrain Crane under Smart Control of iPad in the World


Under the integrated application of industrial Internet and intelligent equipment R&D, XCMG has realized the automation, precision, digitalization and intelligence of R&D and manufacturing via integrated application of upgrading of intelligent production lines / units and manufacturing process information system. It builds brand-new system of manufacturing and service and realize the connected integration of supply chain, value chain and product life cycle so as to provide customers with more intelligent, reliable and satisfactory products and services through more economic, highly-efficient and precise manufacturing system.

Open & Sharing, Cross-field innovation, Promoting Corporate Management Upgrading

XCMG has initiated undertaking of Reaching the Summit under the leadership of company President Mr. Wang Min as early as 2013. However, some Most Difficult Obstacles, accounting for 10% of all, remained ahead in the course of realizing the target of Reaching the Summit, which required unconventional innovative thoughts and scientific and systemic method. Hence, the company started a project, the Green Innovation Idea, under the team work and collaborative research, while integrating with enterprise management promotion activities in an organic manner. Over the past three years, some 1,069 high-middle-low and long-middle-short management issues concerning corporate R&D, manufacturing, distribution, management amongst others have witnessed breakthrough with effective advancement, resulting in steady improvement in corporate management level.

The common target of XCMG’s employees is to rank the TOP3 of international construction machinery industry and step into the luxury club of world construction machinery brands prior to the conclusion of the movement of XCMG manufacturing 2025. It remains not only the obligation and task of XCMG in the course of building a time-honored company with a long history, but also the constant craving of people of construction machinery in China.