Awesome! A Year-on-Year Increase of 176%! How Does XCMG Create Such a Miracle of Industry Growth?

Recently, the structural reform on the supply end has adjusted and upgraded the structure of the construction machinery industry. The “Belt and Road” initiative has played a positive and key role in bringing excavator sales at rapid growth rate.

According to the latest data of China Construction Machinery Association, in June 2017, excavator sales reached 8,933 units, with an increase of 100.8% year-on-year. In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales reached 75,069 units, with an increase of 100.5% year-on-year. Among them, XCMG’s performance is particularly eye-catching, in the first half of the year, the sales growth rate of XCMG excavators reached an increase of 176%, ranking first in the industry, and both the sales and revenue hit a record high.

XCMG key products of excavators continue to maintain strong market performance and market share among the industry's top three. Especially in the mining excavator market, the 70 tons and 90 tons excavator market share reached 40%. XCMG has become the leader in China's construction machinery industry, and has become a strong competitor for international well-known brands.

XE700 in Inner Mongolia

Excavator is one of the most common equipment at the construction site. It is the "head" of capital investment and is the first to move. In the construction of highways, bridges and buildings, about 60% of the earthwork is completed by excavators. At present the country is promoting the PPP model, city rail transportation, railway and regional construction, mining, water conservancy and other infrastructures will pick up and stimulate demand for excavators, giving excavator sales a strong recovery.


XE215D Assists the Transportation Construction

From vision to blueprint, to highway, railway, shipping and so on, infrastructure construction project will become a breakthrough for the “Belt and Road” Initiative. The construction along the “Belt and Road” offers a good chance of industrial development, transformation and upgrading, provides new opportunities for overseas market for excavator manufacturing enterprises.

XCMG Mass Tonnage Excavators Exported to Middle East

The reasons for the fast growth speed lie in two aspects: firstly, the driving factor is the industry’s demand, whereas the most critical factor is that XCMG always sticks to its golden principle of “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products”. XCMG focuses on excavator products “six leading attributes ", and "four uses" in-depth research to accelerate the key technology breakthroughs in core proprietary. XCMG also continuously improves its product spectrum, remodeling products and technical standards, the full range of a perfect test system, to build the leading technology product groups. At the same time, focusing on management of product lifecycle, construction of preventive quality control system of high performance upgrade, intelligent manufacturing technology, and the means to ensure continuous improvement of product quality. With its outstanding performance in the market, it has won high recognition from worldwide customers.

China's economic stabilization, the macro trend of economic recovery and the promotion of the “Belt and Road” initiative will continuously provide a favorable backdrop for the construction machinery industry. XCMG excavator will actively implement the Action Plan2025: Made in XCMG, continue to deepen the transformation and upgrading and intelligent manufacturing, continuously enhance the core competitiveness and market share, and strive to achieve the industry target of "Mount Everest".