Leading Technology, Everlasting Products | Recalling “XCMG Footprint” on the Development of China’s Construction Machinery Industry

After China’s establishment, through unremitting efforts, the Chinese construction machinery industry has achieved rapid development, gradually become a comprehensive strength in playing a pivotal role in the national economy, and developed towards the large scale and automated trends and tried to produce complete set of equipment, what is more,  in some aspects, China’s construction machinery industry has reached or exceeded the world advanced levels.

As the pioneer and leading Chinese construction machinery industry, since its inception in 1943, XCMG has always been at the ultimate pursuit of adhering to the highest standards, constantly challenging itself on its limits to be always the first, the leader. XCMG pursues excellence and constantly explores innovative breakthroughs, through its product development. XCMG’s achievements have made history in the development of construction machinery industry. Here's a quick look at the "pioneers" of XCMG since its inception at the beginning of its hard years:

In 1943, XCMG was established as the predecessor of the Eighth Ordnance Factory in Lunan.

In 1957, XCMG successfully developed the first tower crane, and began to enter the construction machinery industry.

In 1960, XCMG successfully developed China's first 10 ton steam roller, filling the gap of the domestic steam roller.

In 1963, XCMG successfully developed China's first 5 ton truck crane. Since then, China had begun to produce domestic crane.

In 1966, XCMG successfully produced the first tire roller, filling the gap of the domestic tire roller.

In 1975, XCMG successfully produced the first 4 ton loader, and laid the foundation for the development of large and medium tonnage loaders in XCMG.

In 1976, XCMG developed China's first QY16 ton fully hydraulic truck crane, which filled the gap of China's large tonnage cranes.

In 1982, XCMG successfully developed China's first CA25 fully hydraulic single steel wheel vibratory roller, which opened a new chapter of full hydraulic single steel wheel roller.

In 1989, XCMG successfully developed China's first high-grade asphalt paver, marking the domestic high-grade paving equipment to enter a new stage.

During the difficult years, as the founder and pioneer of China’s construction machinery industry, XCMG has started from scratch, from small to large, and from weak to strong. And along the way, with strong will and persistent, it has been difficult ride to stability. Although the first generation of XCMG veterans have already withdrawn early on, they still reflect the early XCMG workers who are not afraid to face difficulties, theyhave the courage to continue. XCMG has laid the historical foundation in the Chinese construction machinery industry for being the leading enterprise.