Incredible Function of XCMG Cranes for Rescue and Relief Operations

XCMG’s telescopic boom crawler crane is designed  with a focus on market demand, setting the crawler crane and crane truck functions in one, with the advantages of travelling with load, convenient transportation, the ability of flexible conversion and strong trafficability, it can quickly fit through narrow spaces and poor road conditions for lifting work. Since its launch it has garnered popular market attention because of its own unique advantages, and has repeatedly performed outstandingly in rescue and relief operations.



Rescuing a stranded yacht

On a beach in Hainan, a yacht worth nearly RMB 10 million was stranded on the beach due to improper handling.Since the beach is soft, the ordinary crane could not enter the rescue site at all. Even if it could enter, it is difficult to operate, also prone to rollover accidents.

However, this is the moment for the telescopic boom crawler crane to show its potential. Because of the adoption of the same kind of crawler plate as the excavator, it possesses strong road passing property, especially for the muddy and slippery pavement. The rescue process took only 2 hours, and the stranded yacht was successfully rescued.


The utility model has the advantages of fast work speed, strong maneuverability and high operation efficiency

(1) It can meet the requirements of fast lifting with the industry-leading working speed, the maximum driving speed is 3.0km/h without load and 1.5km/h with load respectively, the maximum no-load one-way lifting speed is 140m/min, the boom raising time is less than 60S, and the maximum rotating speed is 2.0r/min.

(2) It has the mode of no-load travelling, lifting weight on the spot, travelling with lifting weight and so on. It is flexible and enough to meet the needs of different construction operations.

Rescue Crane

In a construction site in Nanning, a 25t truck crane collapsed during construction due to poor construction conditions and poor leg support. Coincidentally, two XCMG XGC55T telescopic boom crawler cranes were in the vicinity of the site, extending the boom, hanging the hook, the two trucks worked in close cooperation to righting the accident vehicle successfully, and were immediately put into tight construction. After the event, the project manager said, "fortunately, there are XCMG telescopic boom crawler hanging, otherwise, the terrible construction environment will really waste rescue time and increase the cost of rescue”.

With strong lifting capacity and wide range of operations, it comprehensively covers the products of same tonnes in the industry

(1) By adopting the five-section oval boom, the lifting performance is higher than the peer products by 5% ~ 10%.

(2) The length of boom is 10.6m ~ 41m, the length of jib is 9.5/16m, and the length of combined arm is in the leading position. With wide range of operations, it can meet the needs of a variety of operating needs within the arm length.