XCMG's Green Creative Design Awards Ensures Environmental Sustainability While Achieving Economic Growth

Satisfying the ambitious sustainability goals of XCMG, an internal campaign of Green Creative Design Awards (“the GCD Awards”) was launched in 2014. More than 2,400 employees and 292 teams participated in this year’s event. The 48 winning projects resulted in millions of profit, changing the faces of the industry by proving that sustainable development and economic values are compatible.

Enriching XCMG’s Culture of Sustainability-driven Innovations

Awards are offered to team projects that focus on four aspects, which are R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Management. These projects contribute to creating a sustainable industry altogether.


Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, explained how the award-winning projects overcome the company’s challenges in sustainable development, “These projects urge green technology from production execution to manufacturing management as well as R&D (research and development). The campaign offers support to employees to realize their green visions, creating values for customers as well as society.”

From Sustainability to Economic Values

While sustainability is generally considered a setback to economic growth, XCMG offers a brand new perspective. By using the award-winning green technology, economic values are generated. Here are a few highlights.


The first prize in R&D is won by the project team that developed new technological platforms to excel energy efficiency, operation performance and micro-mobility of 19 new truck cranes. Up till 2016, the project has generated a profit of 730 million yuan (US$106.84 million).


Besides green design, the first prize winning project in Manufacturing focused on lean manufacturing management while the second prize project focused on green remanufacturing technology. For lean manufacturing, the team from XCMG Excavator Machinery Business Department developed a collaborative value chain, resulted in an increase of overall factory efficiency by over 20% and production flow efficiency by 15%.


As for remanufacturing, a concept in spotlight in recent years, the award-winning team from XCMG Foundation put core component reuse and high-quality regeneration into practice. Statistics show that wearing and corrosion of machinery components in China alone have caused a 10% GDP loss in the construction machinery industry. Hence, the team focused on high-quality materials recycling. By raising the reusability and extending the life cycle of machines, resources are saved and costs are lowered.

Revolutionary Sustainability Technology Development

“The GCD Awards” is a driving force for the XCMG project teams to overcome bottlenecks in environmental sustainability technology. “With strong support of cross-departmental teamwork, the search of global environmental challenges solution are enhanced,” explained Xu Xiao Hui, Assistant General Manager of XCMG, showing the company’s dedication to drive economic growth while building a sustainable society.