XCMG’s Tailor-made Solutions! XCMG’s Pile-Turning Machines Contribute to the Industrial Upgrading of Asia’s Largest Animal Husbandry Group

Following sound of rolling and rumbling, buckets opens with a clang and the semi-finished products of farm mixtures are spread over the ground evenly for the 2nd-timeairing and fermentation.

This is a daily work scene at the largest animal husbandry group in Asia, located in Henan Province, China. The protagonists are several dozens of the newest model of LW160KV pile-turning machine specially tailor-made by XCMG for its customers.

Characteristic of multiple functions of piling, turning, mixing, crushing and shoveling, the machines help to achieve efficient operation while saving a lot of money on equipment and labor cost for the customers. More importantly, as a result of extensive use of machines, the group has made remarkable progress in circular economy.

XCMG provides its customers with a package of solutions that are cost-saving and profitable

“Resulted from the process of live stock breeding, the large amount of waste such as feces needs to be processed with hazard-free treatment, and producing organic fertilizer is the most effective way. Previously in our factory, it took a minimum of four sets of equipment and four workers to work simultaneously to complete the turning and piling of organic fertilizer so as to ensure smooth execution of the entire organic-fertilizer processing. Due to their very large size, special vehicles and manpower were required for moving the livestock and machines from one location to another every time. The relatively high cost of equipment and manpower directly affects our profits,” commented by a staff at the Production Department. He still had some lingering fear when he recalled the previous moving.

“After they learned about the problems we were facing and our needs, XCMG staffs ingeniously built us a set of customized equipment solution without any delay and committed themselves to tailor-making a multi-functional and highly efficient loader for us, to which we were very much looking forward. What you see right in front of you are the several dozenLW160KV pile-turning machines. According to our operators, the machines are flexible to operate and have a high level of crushing efficiency. The animal waste and feces can be mixed evenly and turned over thoroughly and completely. By using one machine to achieve multiple functions, we now need one loader rather than four sets of equipment and one worker rather than four workers to do the same job. We are making a killing this time,” said him.

XCMG’s Loaders are Playing its Role in Creating Value and Building the Future with Our Customers

Those simple but genuine remarks made by our customers show their satisfaction and appreciation of XCMG loaders. Working together and striving for a win-win with our customers have always been a goal pursued by XCMG. We have being doing our utmost to satisfy our customers and to provide them with top-quality products that are Leading Technology, Everlasting Products. Moreover, we have been devoting ourselves tirelessly to enhancing values for our customers by offering a variety of customized products used in animal husbandry, port system, timber system, railway system, steel system and many more.

XCMG’s heavy-duty wheel bulldozers meet the construction requirements under extremely cold weather condition

XCMG’s furnace-front loaders are specially designed and developed for steel system

XCMG’s loaders featuring a high unloading level and large bucket capacity are widely used around the world