Hundreds of Youth Leaders from Latin American Countries Sang Praise of XCMG: XCMG, Incredible and Amazing!


Lately, one hundred youth elites from Latin American countries in political field, economic field and social field respectively visited XCMG and exchanged ideas with XCMG youth representatives, aiming to establish a bridge of friendship among Sino-Latin American youths. Ms. Li Ge, Deputy Secretary of XCMG CPC Party Committee, accompanied them throughout their visit and exchanged ideas with them.

Ms. Li Ge, Deputy Secretary of XCMG CPC Party Committee, accompanied the youth leaders during their visit and exchanged ideas with them

The 3rd Future Bridge of Training and Communication Camp for the Sino-Latin American Youth Leaders aims to implement the Future Bridge Training Program for 1000 Sino-Latin American Youth Leaders initiative put forward by President Xi Jinping when he attended the Sino-Latin American summit meeting held in Brazil in July 2014. Further, the Camp strives to achieve the following objectives: enhance the understanding of China by the youth leaders from the Latin American and Caribbean countries, develop a new generation of youths who know China and are friendly towards China; continue to improve the dialogues and communications and promote cooperation among the Sino-Latin American youths in political, economic and social field respectively, heighten their awareness of the China Dream and foster understanding of the China’s development strategies, identify the trends in and seize the opportunities of Sino-Latin American cooperation and promote sharing experience and learning from one other among the Sino-Latin American youth workers.

One hundred youth leaders from the Latin American countries visited the all-terrain crane manufacturing base

During their visit on that day, hundreds of Latin American youth leaders visited the All-terrain Crane Manufacturing Base of the Heavy Machinery Division and the Intelligent Manufacturing Base of Heavy-duty Loaders of the Earth-moving Machinery Division.

XCMG’s youth representative illustrates the corporate culture to the Latin American youth leaders

During their visit, the Latin America youth delegates were not only deeply impressed with the excellent performance and top quality of XCMG’s products and but also moved by XCMG’s sprit of paying attention to every detail in production and constantly pursuing excellence. When a young XCMG representative explained to them the gold standard of Leading Technology, Everlasting Products, put forward by Mr. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, they agreed about it wholeheartedly and complimented XCMG for its responsibilities and commitment as an industry leader.

A representative from XCMG Overseas Division accompanied the visitors during their visits

During their visit, a business reception team formed by the young representatives from XCMG Overseas Division One accompanied the visitors. They provided them with a systematic and comprehensive overview of the history, the corporate culture, sore competitiveness, scale and global operation of XCMG, and particularly shared ideas about its development in Latin America. 

One hundred Latin American youth leaders visited the Intelligent Manufacturing Base of Heavy-duty Loaders

The trust and support of the XCMG brand by the people in Latin American countries illustrate XCMG’s untiring efforts in the overseas markets throughout the years, their continuous pursuit of growth and commitment to achieving breakthroughs in their going global endeavors. XCMG will continue to provide top-quality solutions of construction machinery to its global customers!