71 Trainees from nine countries, the 4th Training Class of Excellent Global Operators Brings You with a Unique Experience

Amid the heat of July

XCMG embraces a group of special guests

They are of different skin colors and languages

What is it?

They sail across oceans to convene at XCMG

What unique journey is ahead of them?

On July 18, all 71 trainees, 13 foreign trainees from 8 countries, including Canada, Mongolia, Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the UAE, and 58 Chinese operators from 12 provinces have gathered at the XCMG Technician College to jointly witness the opening ceremony of the Fourth Operator Training Class Global Excellent Operator Public Welfare Project.

XCMG deputy Party secretary Miss. Li Ge, GM Assistant Miss. XU Xiaohui, Earthmoving Machinery Business Division deputy Party secretary Miss. Yang Li, XCMG Import & Export Party secretary Miss. JIANG Nan, SCHWING deputy Party secretary Mr. Liu Yifan, Technician College Party secretary and Principal Miss. Feng Yuehong, 10 training class representatives of teachers trainees have attended the ceremony

During the ceremony, XCMG deputy Party secretary Li Ge said that all the trainees would experience the intelligent and systemic advancing training and manufacturing system of XCMG during the era of the Internet, acknowledge the dedication and persistent pursuit of XCMG’s staff in terms of Made with Ingenuity and jointly witness the corporation’s capability of intelligent manufacturing and world-class quality.

Being one of its 14 international targeted public welfare projects, the Global Excellent Operator Public Welfare Project of XCMG has witnessed 8 training classes in three sessions. Meanwhile, it joins hands with 54 overseas distributors and local vocational colleges to carry out 76 overseas product maintenance skills training, benefiting 303 people in total, including 149 international operators and 156 overseas service engineers.

Trainees of the First Global Excellent Operator Public Welfare Project

Overseas Service Engineers of the 2nd Training Class of Global Excellent Operator Public Welfare Project

Trainees of the 3rd Training Class of Global Excellent Operator Public Welfare Project

Experience XCMG’s Manufacturing Journey

At the Hall of Experience, illustrations of 74-year cultural accumulation, whole pedigree of the main product sand table of XCMG……shocks all the trainees with their heart-felt compliment.

Tsogbayar, a trainee from Mongolia said that as an operator, it has always been my dream to operate the construction machinery equipment skillfully. I can’t wait to feel it as XCMG has so many great products. I want to speak for the XCMG.

The trainees have been deeply impressed regarding XCMG’s top-class products by the advanced production process and intelligent product chain management system at the two major intelligent production bases of loaders and concreting machinery.

Skills+Wisdom Elevating Journey

During the ceremony, XCMG GM Assistant Miss. Xu Xiaohui granted board of honor to training classes


The 4th training session, categorized into three classes as for loader, pump truck operator and overseas service engineer, lasted from 8 to 25 days. Training content includes XCMG’s introduction of enterprise culture, theoretical teaching, practical training and expert exchange, the four major parts in total. It has effectively improved the trainees’ ability in comprehensive equipment operation and after-sale value-added service in facing different working condition via a number of special experience-oriented events, such as host simulation operation, training of typical component loading and dynamic load operation.

Master of Skill, Teacher Representative of XCMG Earthmoving Machinery Business Division, LIU Wensheng Delivered a Speech


Corporate internal trainers with abundant knowledge and experience and integrated backbone teachers have been selected for training lecturers during this training session, who have been dedicated to cultivating trainees’ ability of finding and solving problems so as to enhance their innovation and creativity through formulating customized training plans and utilizing task-driven teaching method.

Friendship+Humane Experience Journey

It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. Concerning those 13 overseas trainees of different skin colors, XCMG, while providing elaborate and customized catering service preparation and safety guarantee, has organized them to visit the scenic spot of Culture of Han Dynasty in Xuzhou in particular. Many diversified activities, such as engineering machinery creative puzzle PK, international basketball friendship games and etc. have enabled trainees to experience Xuzhou’s profound historical and cultural details and local conditions and customs amid friendship, exchanges, experiencing XCMG and loving XCMG.

“Here is a fine tuned XCMG, everywhere reflects the fine management of XCMG in characteristic culture, humane care, and staff with good professional quality.......”

“Here is a fine tuned XCMG, everywhere reflects the fine management of XCMG in characteristic culture, humane care, and staff with good professional quality.......”Isaac Muisyo from Kenya, a trainee representative regarding overseas service engineer made the remark with great passion."

Journey of Passing Responsibility of Public Welfare

Trainees Signed on the Flag of Public Welfare

As the beneficiary, witness and inheritor of XCMG’s Global Excellent Operator Public Welfare Project, each trainee will spread and implement XCMG’s public welfare value inspired by the spirit of public welfare, XCMG Makes a Better World to lead the green and sustainable development of global construction machinery industry.

a Kazakhstantrainee of the 2ndGlobal Excellent Operator training class, has been interviewd by China’s state-owned radio station, he shared his training collection and touching moments at XCMG, saying that he would like to play the role of international friendship ties to allow more foreign partners to understand, embrace and believe in XCMG.

The continuous implementation of XCMG’s Global Excellent Operator Public Welfare Project will undoubtedly lead the development of global construction machinery industry public welfare, constantly cultivate high-quality talents of technology for projects around the world. While spreading the corporate responsibility feelings, XCMG Makes a Better World, it will continue to contribute strength in terms of Technicians and Key Products in the course of implementing China’s "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy and the transformation and upgrading of service-oriented equipment manufacturing industry.