“Leading Technology, Everlasting Products” —— XCMG, a Leader in Technology Innovation (II)

At present, XCMG has successively established R&D centers in the US, Germany, Brazil and India with built-up national level technology center as the core, creating the coordinated R&D system in the whole world. It continues to maintain industry’s TOP position in ranking evaluated by the nation’s Enterprise Technology Center. With approval of state key laboratory of intelligent manufacturing of high-end engineering machinery by Ministry of Science and Technology, XCMG has been laurelled China's Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise and National Benchmarking Enterprise for Integration of Industrialization and Informatization, with four-time State Science and Technology Awards, first prize of Scientific and Technological Advancement of China’s Machinery Industry, first prize of PLA Scientific and Technological Advancement and etc. The enterprise possesses about 5,500 effective authorized patents, amongst which 1,100 pieces are authorized invention patents and over 100 types of products are categorized as China's first domestically-manufactured set of products

XCMG’s Crawler Crane XGC28000 

In 2011, XCMG developed the XGC28000, the largest 2000t crawler crane in Asia. It adopts split-type crawler chassis and multi-composite truss type suspension arm with a number of advantages, such as low ground pressure, move with carrying capacity, high lifting height and lifting performance and etc. The tower jib can operate close to the building, the lifting device of variable radius of counterweight can provide strong lifting performance and motor flexibility. The launch of XCMG’s crawler crane XGC28000 has refreshed a number of first positions in China’s crawler crane industry.

XCMG’s DG100 Elevating-platform Fire Truck

In 2012, XCMG launched high-rise elevating-platform fire truck, claiming the top position in Asia and featuring the largest operating height of 100 meters with the top rescuing height of 30 floors. It marks that XCMG refreshed its own Top Height Record in Asia. Meanwhile, it also, once again, surpassed the leading technology of super-high elevating-platform fire truck being made in China while breaking the market monopoly position of foreign countries in this regard.  

XCMG’s Crawler Crane XGC88000

In 2013, XCMG’s domestically developed “World First Crane”, the 4000t crawler crane made its first lifting successfully, creating a number of international records, including the world's largest tonnage, full coverage of performance, stronger safety and reliability, high transportation efficiency and economic applicability, making the integral hoisting technology of the world energy construction project’s surpassing 88,000 tonnage into reality. It has successively participated into the lifting of ultra-large equipment of Sinopec Yantai Wanhua Industrial Park propylene tower, Shenhua Ningxia coal liquefaction project reactor, Guangdong Petrochemical Industrial Zone, CNNC Fuqing nuclear power station and etc.


XCMG’s XCL800 Kiloton Wheeled Truss Arm Crane

On October 2013, the kiloton wheeled truss arm crane XCL800, under the R&D by XCMG, integrated the mobility of all-terrain crane and the lifting capacity of wheeled truss arm crawler crane and broke the designing concept of traditional crane products, once again leading the new orientation of industrial product and technology innovation and filling the industrial gap of the brand-new crane category, while contributing substantially to the South-to-North Water Diversion, a key national project.

XCMG’s Ultra-large Excavator XE4000 

In 2015, XCMG issued the first 400t ultra-large excavator in China, which is capable of heavy load operation at construction of large mines, large ports and infrastructure. All the key core-components adopt the redundant design, meeting the high load storage requirements. And the key structural components are under the fatigue load design of coal mine requirements for the 7*24h harsh environmental application.

XCMG’s LQS140A Double-pole Telescopic Boom Forestry Crane

In 2015, XCMG developed the LQS140A double-pole telescopic boom forestry crane, the first of its kind in China. Equipped with advanced hydraulic valve locks and electrical equipment, it adopts the hydraulic torque restraint system with the purpose of preventing overloading and all other hazards brought forth by overloading effectively.  

Adhering to the concept of Leading Technology, Everlasting Products, XCMG shall integrate the ultimate ingenuity into technology R&D to make due endeavor to the rise of China’s equipment manufacturing industry with continuous innovation and advancement.