XCMG is the AI leader in Construction Machinery Industry

When it comes to artificial intelligence, you might rattle off a long list of internet technology giants, such as Tencent, Baidu, Google and Apple. However, there is another force to be reckoned with: construction machinery groups. These companies have carved off an increasing chunk of the automation field, especially AI sector, diversifying beyond their traditional manufacturing into automated manufacturing.

Ranking first and fifth respectively in domestic and global construction machinery industry, XCMG, holder of the second slot on the list of 100 best machinery makers, has emerged as the forerunner among its peers in the race to enter the AI field.

Innovation companies across the world unveiled their world-leading, cutting-edge technological achievements at the recent First World Intelligence Conference, and XCMG showed its strong technological forces in the field of industrial intelligence.

Made-in-XCMG: A Big Data IOT Platform 

The big-data IOT platform recently launched by XCMG Information Co., Ltd (affiliated to XCMG), is fully up to or even higher than the MIIT’s Industrial Data Standards, and made its way into the Industrial Big data White Paper of China, the first-ever industrial big data application of great magnitude and significance.

From 40 million connected devices, it gathers and stores away up at its data center, 200 million pieces of information each day in a dozen or so categories, such as construction machinery, new energy vehicles, agricultural machinery, military equipment, transport vehicles and sanitation vehicles, and has so far accumulated a large mass of data of nearly 900TB, including nearly 6,000 types of working parameters. Based on these data, it puts out valuable recommendations on repair, maintenance and operation of its connected devices, leading to much higher utilization ratios and operating efficiencies of these devices and lower costs of their operation and maintenance.

XCMG’s Big Data IOT Platform

With the powerful capability of connecting and integrating IOTs, it can connect various types of devices, for example, construction machines, agricultural tools and new energy vehicles, and thousands of servers to form a "supercomputer", enabling millions or even billions of pieces of data to be processed and storaged in parallel at any time, as a result, making connected devices more automated and intelligent.

A XCMG’s Intelligent Welding Robot is Working at a Construction Site

In sharp contrast with AI giants in internet technology sector, such as Tencent, Baidu and Google, being driven by its strong manufacturing genes, XCMG focuses more on practical applications than academic research, in a bid to enhance operational capabilities of its machines by empowering them, to reshape “Made-in-China” into “Created-by-China” by empowering the entire industry, and to roll out more intelligent products by developing intelligence manufacturing.

Venturing beyond its solid traditional manufacturing stronghold, XCMG is blazing a trail through the emerging AI field to embrace the upcoming Industry 4.0 Era, and presents us with a different set of new models and achievements of artificial intelligence.