Power of XCMG behind 90th Anniversary of PLA Parade

On 1 August 1927, the sound of gunshots blast forth in Nanchang.

The remarkable and forceful Nanchang Uprising opened a new page for Chinese revolution,

as the first light of morning.

Ninety years, as a flash of the history, is enough to cultivate a seed to grow into a towering tree,

and to drive a suffering country to great progress.

China and the Chinese people have stood – in the family of nations with real dignity.

And in this process there are always some images that we will remember in our heart for the whole life.

That is the persistent and staunch guardian, the standing and permanent monument—soldiers of the Chinese people,

A glorious name has laid his steadfast mission.

On the morning of July 30, the parade celebrating 90th anniversary of PLA was held in Zhurihe Training Base of Inner Mongolia, presenting a magnificent and mighty army in front of the world. After 90 years of guardian, the Chinese soldiers have impressed the whole world with their stalwart and resolute image! They protect their homes with lives, and defend the glory of motherland with their youth. Only fighting can cease the war, and strength can defend the peace. It is the courage and sacrifice behind the word "soldier".

Ninety years of inflexibility and countless forces of temper have forged a powerful force, ready to assemble at the first call and capable of fighting and winning. During 90 years of extraordinary times, XCMG, the country's vital weapon, was born in the gunfire of Anti-Japanese War, undertaking the important responsibility to support and strengthen the military forces for decades!

Accompanied all the way by XCMG whose blood is penetratedwith red gene

From 1927 to 2017, the glorious Chinese People's Liberation Army has gone through 90 towering years. This is the greatest times in human history, the times when China has experienced rebirth, and the times without loneliness.

The Lunan Eighth Arsenal born in 1943 Commanded by General Xu Shiyou 

XCMG, born in the war of resistance against Japan, is penetrated with military blood and genes. Full of patriotic feelings and national integrity, XCMG workers of generations have been inspired to take the strong desire serving the people's army, and make efforts with the spirits of “industry serve the country” and selfless dedication, striving to undertake the responsibility of industry pioneer and leader. From the beginning of the birth, the life gene of XCMG is closely linked with national prosperity and rejuvenation.

Workers were repairing firearms for the front line

XCMG, firm companion of the Chinese People's Liberation Army

For 74 years since 1943, as a large state-owned enterprise, XCMG has always been persistent companion of the PLA.

In history of Chinese army-equipment manufacturing, XCMG shares a common fate with the development of the country. At the beginning of establishment, XCMG completed the production tasks of ammunition, firearms, grenades and landmines. In the 60s, it continued a commitment to production of radar, mine cars and atomic protection doors, when the 5-ton military crane was successfully developed in 1968. In 1980s, the road roller and crane were included in military-selection civilian equipment. In 1984, the 5-ton rescue vehicle won the second prize of Scientific and Technological Achievements of General Logistics Department.

XCMG has contributed to PLA’s development

XCMG crane is setting up gangway crane for PLAN Liaoning

Strengthening navy dream 

Looking at the sky with air-force dream

Contributing to the cause of world peace

XCMG equipment plays important roles in construction of sea, land and air army, convoy of Chang'e 5 flying bedstead, welcome of Shenzhou 10 returning capsule, as well as maintenance of international peace. It spares no effort with loyalty and struggle to boost the dream of prosperous country and powerful military.

XCMG military equipment shows up on 9.3 Parade

XCMG is signing a civil and military integration project

Soldiers and officials of "Xuzhou Frigate" visit XCMG

“I will do whatever it takes to serve my country even at the cost of my own life, regardless of fortune or misfortune to myself”, said the national hero Lin Zexu. Indeed, the PLA is "capable of reaching the moon and catching turtles deep in the ocean". Today, the warriors stare at the South China Sea, with red flags wandering in the west wind!

Splendid, the people's army;

Mighty, steel Great Wall;

Beautiful, red flag of liberation army!

In 2017 Army Day, a festival cast by war and blood, XCMG pay tribute to the people's army, willing to move on along with the heroic army through their strongest power, and jointly promote the realization of The Chinese Dream and Strong Army!