U.S. Customers Highly Appreciates XCMG Cranes

“Awesome, Chinese cranes!Indeed, it is really mind-blowing!” claimed by U.S. customers at a construction site while watching a XCA300U all-terrain crane performing its lifting operation.

XCA300U Draws Loud Applauses from Both U.S. Customers and Contractors

It is reported that XCA300U all-terrain crane has gained high recognition among both its users and contractors on a construction site in Pennsylvania, U.S., with its eye-opening stunts greeted with loud praises and intermittent handclaps from all the U.S customers during the complicated lifting operations.

The successful performance of this lifting operation is of great significance to China’s crane industry, marking another breakthrough made by Chinese brand in European and the American high-end markets.

XCA300U is lifting natural gas tanks within a narrow operating area in McDonald

XCA300U is Lifting Cement Blocks at a Construction Site in Waynesburg

The first-generation high-end model tailored for N. A. market, XCA300U all-terrain crane has 8 distinctive features, providing solid guarantee to its superior lifting performance.

  • The chassis made out of DOT-certified parts and America-made components allows it to have higher safety, reliability and availability of after sales services.

  • Environmentally-friendly concept is in complete compliance with the Tier-4F Emission Standards.

  • High-powered multimodal steering system, integrated brake management techniques and long-stroke hydro-pneumatic suspension technology are used.

  • Designs tailored to driving habits in N. A, in particular, MMI system, brand-new American-style brake system and well- optimized power system, enable its users to have perfect operating experience: higher speed, higher cost efficiency, and quicker off-running, and easier heavy-loaded transition.

  • Vehicle-mounted sliding dollies make its transport axle distribution adjustable to satisfy different requirements in different N.A. regions. 

  • With an H-shaped outrigger structure, XCA300U all-terrain crane has a 6-axle, 7-section boom of 80m (262.5ft) in full length, and an industry-leading lifting performance.

  • Y-shaped superlift, jibs and windpower access arm contribute to its superior lifting performance.

  • Well-proven technologies of self-removable counterweights and G-1 intelligent booms lead to higher efficiency.

XCMG’s Golden Standard of Leading Technology& Everlasting Products is followed in every step of the whole business chain: R&D, design, production, marketing and services. Thanks to its excellent driving and lifting performances, XCA300U succeeded in meeting the challenge under complicated working conditions, gaining great admiration from both the workers and passers-by. Its remarkable stunts were greeted with loud cheers from the amazed crowd: Awesome, Chinese cranes!Indeed, it is really mind-blowing!

Once again, the superior performance of XCMG products was justified right in front of the world!