Perfect Debut! The World's First Eight-axis XCA1200 Successfully Completed First Hoisting, Building The Strongest Wind Power Group with Nine "Wind-holding Warriors"

On July 19, 2017, the world's first eight-axis XCA1200 all-terrain crane formally appeared in a wind field of Northwest China under eager anticipation of the public, successfully completing the first hoisting!

At high temperature of 36 degrees, moving through the Gobi Desert of Helan Mountains, the way for XCA1200 was rugged and complex, but XCA1200 still run like a golden lightning in the vast desert lasting several hundreds of kilometers. The key is that XCA1200 adopted an unprecedented kiloton eight-axis chassis design, enabling its total weight to be over 30 tons lower than that of nine-axle products. Meanwhile, with the application of unique oil-air suspension system and multi-axle steering system, XCA1200 has stronger pressure capacity, more smooth driving performance and more effective balance axle load.

Entering the wind field for the first time, XCA1200 has obtained the applause and praise of the construction side. Surrounded by all construction workers, every detail of the design of XCA1200 was perfect in the eyes of such experts, while what amazed them more is the high efficiency of its first installment!

Through modular combination,XCA1200 can be changed into general type and wind-power type: wind-power type has 7 sections of 89.7-meter booms and auto-folding 25.3-meter wind-power jib with superlift; general type increases a 8ththe boom section with the length of 102 meters. Through mature superlift technology of boom combination, deformation of the crane boom can be effectively reduced to greatly improve hoisting performance and safety of the machine.

At the first-hoisting site, we had no chance to witness the installation of wind-power arm, as conventional booms are enough for XCA1200 to easily perform examination and repair for 85-meter and 45-ton windpower.

Stretching in the sky, the giant boom of XCA1200 completed the splice of the fan blades, the moment when a new record was born. As the world's first eight-axis, XCA1200 successfully performed the task with a casual demonstration. On the vast Gobi Desert, we expect that XCA1200, which represents the highest level of all-terrain cranes in China, will challenge a new height.

Next, let’s enjoy nine "wind-holding warriors" in XCMG all-terrain crane wind-power family, and feel the strength of XCMG army covering wind-power machine types of Chinese lands. 

In Qujing, Yunnan Province, QAY650 all-terrain crane, with extreme innovation, has been paid much attention by CCTV and specially reported in "Enjoy Made in China" of CCTV2. Meeting the installation of domestic wind-power types at 2.0 MW and below,QAY650 becomes the preferred choice of customers, with dozens of products distributed in major wind fields around the country.

In Qingdao, Shangdong Province, QAY800 had fought bravely for 20 days in wind field, overcoming narrow roads and steep ramps, with high efficiency of loading transitions. Transport costs of customers can be significantly reduced, and construction efficiency largely improved, thus leading to good reputation of QAY800 in the field of hoisting.

In Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, QAY1000 all-terrain crane successfully completed precise docking for 2.0-MW wind-power impeller, which is another feat on the way to kiloton-level XCMG all-terrain cranes. With the use of advanced boom self-dismantling technology, proprietary power unit system as well as hinge shaft dismantling system, QAY1000 can complete the assembly within a very short time in the absence of auxiliary equipment.

In the beautiful coastline of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, QAY1200 becomes the most beautiful scenery in the picture. The emergence of QAY1200 marks that Chinese all-terrain cranes come into the world's top ranks. With strong environment adaptability and operational stability, QAY1200 initiates "World Records" of Chinese manufacturing!

At minus 30 degrees in Wulanchabu of Inner Mongolia, the world's largest-tonner all-terrain crane XCA5000 turned out, since when Chinese all-terrain cranes can independently complete onshore 3.0 MW wind power installation. For ten years of efforts, XCMG hoisting machinery has always manufactured products with the concept of "leading technology, and use without damage", really contributing world-class a construction machinery brand from China

In Baicheng, Jilin Province, the quiet QAY500 all-terrain crane stands in the cold winter, with low-profile attitude and tough quality. Even surrounded by snow and ice, QAY500 still contributes the maximum energy to become the security guardian of 1.5 MW wind power.

On Inner Mongolia Plateau, G-generation XCA450 all-terrain crane appears on 1.5 MW wind field with new technology. With the features of "technology intelligence, green energy saving, high efficiency and high performance", XCA450 will bring new valuable experience for wind power hoisting.

In Yantai, Shandong Province, XCA550 presents incomparable large movies of wind power: completing two fans with different levels in 3 days; easily passing through the slope above 40 degrees with load; showing excellent hoisting stability at wind speed limit. XCA550 has become the focus of public due to its high efficiency.

From the first QAY25 all-terrain crane to the world's first eight-axis XCA1200, every technology upgrade in Chinese crane industry originates and succeeds in XCMG. On the way to exploration and practice of Chinese construction cranes, XCMG adheres to main business based on core technology research, once again moving towards the new peak of global construction crane!