[XCMG Craftsman] Jiang Wei: an excellent Coach born in the 1980s

Jiang Wei, a man born in the 1980s, is entitled as national technical expert, mechanical technician leader of senior technical schools in Jiangsu, national referee of skills competition and current director of teaching and research department of engineering machinery assembly and debugging and deputy-director of skills competition management office. And more importantly, he is an integrated teacher of assembly fitter of XCMG Technician College.

From a rookie to a master of skills, from an ordinary guiding teacher for interns to a renowned coach and technique expert of skills in the industry, he claimed the dignity and status in the area of skills with attitudes of determination, dedication and pursuit of excellence. Further, he has also cultivated many skillful students with continuous commitment in his beloved land of teaching.

Gold Medal Coach Cultivates Students of Championship

In the eyes of colleagues, he is Workaholic in the skills competition.

In August 2010, he, a newly-wed, always appeared at the preparation site of the competition first as usual prior to the final match of the 6th Revitalization Cup of national youth skills competition. Because of hard training, he barely found time to be with his wife, not to mention the honeymoon. But he decided to bring his wife for the competition as compensation. This special Honeymoon eventually helped him to grasp the national second prize. With such status of pursuing excellence and dedication, it helped him win many laurels and made him a renownedexpert in the field of fitter provincially and even nationally.

As he always said: Championship is a complex of mine, I train each competitor for such target. Those of XCMG should not only try to take medals at city or provincial competitions, but to win more glory at higher stages.

During the period that he trained a contestant Wu Dong for the ninth Revitalization Cup of national competition, he has always been accompanying the contestant during his 28-day-long consecutive days training of 18 hours on a daily basis. Even at night prior to the final competition in Shenyang, Jiang Wei discussed with the contestant for technical details until 3 AM. And eventually, his eyes glistened with tears as Wu Dong stepped onto the stage as the Champion, which realized his long-time dream of Championship.

Over 70 students under his guide have won prizes at different competition, including Li Huixuan, Dong Bo, Li Panpan, Yuan Qingao and other skillful talents who have been working at corporate manufacturing lines. And this helped him become the Gold Medal Coach favored by many enterprises.

Being a Great Teacher and Expert of Construction Machinery

On the competition stage, Jiang Wei is a frightening competitor with great capacity and a Gold Medal coach for rivals. But most of the time, he is an integrated teacher of college.

During the weekdays, Jiang Wei, a teacher with abundant experience of skills competition, is good at integrating vivid and actual cases into the training classes effectively to motivate students’ interest and enhancing their capacity of knowledge transfer and application so as to effectively realize the promotion of teaching from competition and integration of competition and training. Furthermore, he intentionally integrated the Four News of the company into the internship training, which effectively bridges the gap between the company and students. As noted on the third party review from college: the class of teacher Jiang is just like a small-scale corporate manufacturing site, all the students, like real-time interns, have acquired overall and complicated improvement.

In addition, due to his dedicated research, he has composed a number of training dissertations which have published in national publications, two training courses under his main edition have been published successfully and two courses presented by him were also honored as the Elite Courses by senior technical schools in Jiangsu.

All-Time Team Leader with Sincere Credit and Honesty

As the main responsible person of teaching office, he is not only strict with himself, but also focusing on promoting and motivating team fellow trainers for common improvement. Under his guide, the office has witnessed a great atmosphere of mutual help and team cooperation with great achievement.

So far, the teaching office has published 7 training courses, while winning 40 national/provincial academic research achievements, undertaking 3 group’s projects of innovation with accumulative saving assets as over RMB 600,000 Yuan and taking the lead of the third batch of integrated courses teaching reform pilot work of construction machinery application and maintenance major of national technician colleges… The team members have demonstrated the college faculty’s spirit of outstanding capacity of hard work, commitment and dedication with actual movement and proud performance, effectively supporting the continuous improvement of college connotation construction.

Unrepentant selection of training, pursuit fulfills success. There are many excellent teachers like Jiang Wei in the college. They have committed themselves to constantly contributing to the power of Craftsman in realizing XCMG’s pursuit for summit on this corporate stage by closely following corporate pulse, adhering to the main course of training and cultivating high-quality technicians with their heart and soul.