XCMG and Its 11 New Industrial-leading Fire Trucks Appear at 2017 China International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Conference & Exposition in Beijing

On September 5, 2017, the 17th China International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Conference and Exposition has grandly opened in the China International Exhibition Centre, attracting over 600 enterprises from over 30 countries and regions to gather in Beijing to attend the best international firefighting summit and view the latest achievements of the fire protection technology in the world.

As the first fire-protection brand of manufacturing enterprise in China, XCMG, regarding “XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co., Ltd., has attached attention to the new trend of fire protection and been dedicated to creating 11 V5 series new fire rookies to be shown for the first time in this exposition. With its beautiful and delicate appearance design, powerful performance, light mobility and advanced intelligent, once again, the company showcased the world its high-end manufacturing technology in fire-fighting equipment and strength as the world-class company, illustrating the nation’s pillars of a great power perfectly.

Focusing on the advanced technology of fire protection, the V5 series lead the new trend in the industry

Delivery Ceremony of XCMG High-Meter Broad-Span JP62 Petrochemical Special Water Tower Fire Truck

XCMG V5 Series Fire Trucks


In 2016, adhering to the "high starting point" of leading technology strategy, XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. actively practice the golden standard of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products" put forward by Wang Min, the chairman of XCMG, comprehensively carry out the benchmark with international enterprises, aim at and focus on the core technologies and core components, successively realizing major breakthroughs in multiple techniques such as large and super-large elevating fire truck key technology, high-efficient large-flow industrial water tower fire truck key technology, compact and high-efficient elevating fire truck key technology, etc. Updating and upgrading with National V Standard, XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co. Ltd. creates a series of innovation records such as using the K type outrigger structure and its design of the nozzle hook tube at the end of the boom, which are the first time in the industry, besides, it adopts large span combined boom in the industry, so far, XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co. Ltd. has launched 32 V5 series fire trucks, helping China fire protection team to ensure and promote core combat power generation mode transformation of fire fighting and rescue work. With the core technology of continuous innovation, XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co. Ltd. takes the lead in the industry again.

Add the “Wing of Big Data”, move towards to new age of “Smart Fire Protection”

The wide application of intelligence, informatization and big data has made the safety of XCMG fire trucks higher and easier in operation, and more adaptable in the harsh conditions of high temperature and strong radiation." For example, through the three-dimensional GIS fire fighting command platform, we can realize the cloud reading of fire information, emergency operation command at the scene of the disaster and other 7 functions! The "Smart Fire Protection" by Zhang Yong, a technician at the exhibition site, is a microcosm of XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.

The Staff Were Introducing the “Smart Fire Protection” Technology to Firefighters

Li Qianjin, the General Manager and Party Secretary of XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co. Ltd., Was Conducting Interviews with the Media


Relying on the high-altitude boom products, through years of concentrated research and development and lean production, XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. had refreshed the Asian highest elevating platform fire trucks for four continuous times, what is more, DG100 broken the Asian highest record of aerial platform fire trucks. It now formed a complete set of rescue firefighting products group, covering 22m-100m aerial platform fire trucks, 20m-80m water tower fire trucks, 22m-53m aerial ladder fire trucks, special fire fighting vehicles and other fire fighting products, it has built a powerful army of fire rescue with special and complete sets of equipment. Meanwhile, XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. can meet each fire site’s request on personalized complete sets of equipment and do the best to provide customers with professional and complete sets of products solutions.

Visitors Were Talking with Consultants Regarding V5 Series Fire Trucks


Currently, XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. has occupied the half domestic market, with the help of the "Belt and Road" initiative, XCMG implements the "going global" strategy to layout overall and expand overseas markets, its products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Russia, Indonesia, Uganda, Nigeria and others. In 2014, XCMG’s DG100 and other super high meters fire trucks were exported to Angola in batches, creating the new world record of "Made in China". In recent two years, XCMG’s DG88, JP80, JP72 and other super high meters fire trucks entered domestic market one after another, broking the sales record of domestic fire trucks.

Leads of national fire service were visiting V5 series products.


The 11 sets of fire equipment exhibited by XCMG are typical products of XCMG’s complete sets of equipment, showcasing a new breakthrough in XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co. Ltd’s superior fire product lines, XCMG leads the new developmental trend in the industry by its technical performance. On the road of assisting XCMG to reach the summit and achieve the dream of becoming a world-class company, XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co. Ltd. focuses on providing global customers with fast, simple and safe fire rescue equipment with its responsibility and commitment. It is also committed to safeguarding the safety of global society people's life and property, providing safe and high-performance fire rescue products with the eventual purpose of protecting our beautiful world.