XCMG Unveils 16 Game-changing Machines at BICES 2017

At BICES 2017, XCMG proudly presented its extensive line of products with 15 machines and 1 model, ranging from an all-terrain crane to a tandem vibratory roller. At an exhibition space covering more than 1200 m2, XCMG showcased its newest technology and machines that help customers succeed, demonstrating its capability to lead the industry. Let’s take a look at the event highlights.

An aerial view of XCMG’s booth at BICES 2017

Creating “Durable Products with Advanced Technology”

"As a construction machinery manufacturer, XCMG believes one should have its own vision and belief. To make our machines stand out in the global market and build a brand new image of 'Made in China', we uphold the golden standard of advanced and endurable," said Mr. Wang Min, Group Chairman.

The plethora of products on display at BICES perfectly showed the core value in XCMG's golden standard, they were: XE215D Hydraulic Excavator, XCA220 All Terrain Crane, LW700HV Wheel Loader, XC760K Skid-Steer Loader, TWZ260 Underground Excavation Trolley, XD143S Tandem Vibratory Roller, XM220K Milling Machines, XLY103TB Pavement Maintenance Truck, XTR6/260 Boom-Type Tunnel Roadheader, XSL5/260 Water Well Drilling Rig, NXG5760D3T Off-Highway Dump Truck, GTJZ0607E and GTJZ1012E Scissor Aerial Work Platform, GTBZ14JD and GTBZ38S Aerial Work Platform, and a model of Composite Earth Pressure Balance Shield.

3 Highlighted Machines

Now let’s take a deeper look at the stories of 3 popular models on display.

The Versatile Performer: XE215D Hydraulic Excavator

XE215D Hydraulic Excavator

With high operation efficiency and large digging force, this machine is versatile for a wide range of earthmoving needs, including mining, construction of bridges, housing, roads and water conservancy facilities. After seeing our exhibited machines firsthand, customers showed much interest in making a purchase. Mr. Liu, a client in Anhui China said at the exhibit, “I've just ordered a new one. The compact excavator XE215D I brought earlier drastically lowered my fuel cost. XCMG machines always deliver and I could rely on it for my success.”

The King of Lifting: XCA220 All-Terrain Crane

XCA220 All-Terrain Crane

The “King of Lifting”, a 5-axle 220t all-terrain crane, wins customers’ heart by offering a perfect blend of maneuverability & productivity. Just like other G series cranes, the intelligent XCA220 has undergone testing at an altitude of 4500m and under a temperature of -39°C, rated to work in nearly all climate conditions. The crane also helps users tackle the most demanding jobs efficiently with a maximum boom length of 108.2m and an industry-leading gradeability of 67%.

The Intelligent Hero: LW700HV Wheel Loader

LW700HV Wheel Loader

XCMG LW700HV wheel loader is developed using the international R&D platform. The smart machine features intelligent and ergonomic cab design for exceptional driver comfort and visibility. Based on customers’ needs, its upgraded mechanical system optimizes working performance, offering high efficiency at all times.

XCMG, A Trustworthy Brand

To conclude, the machines XCMG showcased at BICES improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability for customers. “What we deliver to our customers is a trustworthy brand,” Mr. Wang Qing Zhu, Vice President of XCMG said confidently during an interview, “And we do it by creating durable products with advanced technology.”