XCMG Corporate Social Responsibility: 836 Gifts -- Realizing Every Small Dream of Children in Eight Hope Primary Schools

On the morning of September 17, the volunteer group of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division traveled long distance to XCMG Hope Primary School in Gansu Province, giving 150 gifts and 500 books to children there. This is the second time that the group visited the school. When XCMG volunteers arrived, children were not so shy and timid as last year. They rushed happily to the volunteers, taking selfies, playing table tennis, and doodling creative things with our volunteers.


A girl named Ying Caoji was delighted to receive her present -- a box of color brushes. She held the gift tightly in her arms, and flaunted it to her elder brother. Born in a poor family of three children, Ying Caoji had to share a set of color brushes with her brothers who also studied in the school. Every time in painting classes, she had to borrow it from her brother. “I have my own color brushes, and I don’t need to borrow from my brother any more,” she said happily. Ying Caoji was so excited that she even held the brushes at lunch in fear of losing them.


A boy Cang Jizeng would always steal the spotlight with cool looks every time when our volunteers started shooting. When our camera man asked him “What is your wish?”, the cute and naughty boy said loudly that, “I want to take many many good photos just like people on TV.” To satisfy the small wish, our camera man took many close-up pictures of Cang Jizeng, and showed them to him, promising to develop the pictures and mail them back to him. Cang Jizeng nodded happily.


“Small drops of water, when accumulated, can fill a big vessel”. With these small deeds, XCMG wants to warm those in need with our care, responsibility and positive energy. We believe that our deeds not only fulfill small wishes of these children, but also convey to them the spirit of progress and the dreams of becoming members of China’s manufacturing industry.