XCMG concrete machinery staged a special speed and passion via bulk delivery of export orders

From January to September 2017, XCMG-Schwing’s exports increased by 128.6% year on year with 7 batches of delivery within half a year, and XCMG-Schwing has participated in the construction of more than 10 major projects along the routes of the Belt and Road. Riding on XCMG's internationalization strategy, XCMG-Schwing has been aiming at the international market, seizing opportunities, strengthening internal skills, improving its management, and stepping up overseas market development efforts especially since the second half of this year, making its export performance grow significantly and constantly staging a special speed and passion for XCMG concrete machinery in the international arena.

Autumn brings abundant fruits, and the fragrance of osmanthus blossoms spreads good news. With the approaching of the 19th CPC National Congress, XCMG-Schwing ceremoniously held the departure ceremony for hundred sets of concrete machinery products in the concrete machinery industrial manufacturing base.

This was already the seventh batch departure ceremony for export orders of XCMG-Schwing within half a year. The ceremony was filled with crowds of people, fluttering flags and blaring saluting guns, and sets of concrete machinery equipment decorated with red flowers are like soldiers who are about to march in neat queue, waiting for the parade before expedition.

Orders flow in constantly and supply falls short of demand. XCMG-Schwing’s product sales have been extremely hot since this year, and both the domestic and foreign markets are in full swing. In order to seize the market opportunities, all the leaders and workers of XCMG-Schwing fully support the market front line to meet customer’s super-value demands.

While presiding over the departure ceremony, what Liu Yifan, the Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG-Schwing, said the most is “Thank you”. He mentioned the splattering welding spark at midnight, the commissioning field at 4 am, the “energetic” manufacturing shop on holidays, as well as the dispatching center regardless of the weather. At every day and night for ensuring the delivery of export orders, what the leaders and workers of XCMG-Schwing show is not only the hard work and selfless dedication, but also the responsibility for customers and products as well as the quality assurance.

“The implementation of internationalization strategy and the delivery of export orders are not only the growth of sales performance, but also the inspection of internationalization standards”, Wang Gui, General Manager as well as Party Secretary of XCMG-Schwing, said sincerely at the departure ceremony. Under the impetus of completing the export order task, XCMG-Schwing diligently drills its internal skills, reshapes the new image of R&D, process, procurement, production, spare parts and services, thus strongly supports the overseas business expansion by perfecting the system, optimizing processes, improving efficiency, and adjusting the layout of production capacity.