Having a Party standing of 42 years, Wang Min, President and Party secretary of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG), is elected to the fourth term of NPC delegate. Speaking of his attending the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, this “senior delegate” was more than excited.


"Being elected as a delegate means not only care and trust from the Party organization and the people, but also responsibility and pressure. I will well participate in the NPC sessions and keep learning. Guided by the spirit of the 19th NPC, we will accelerate the reform and development of XCMG and strive to build it into a world-class enterprise that makes the nationals proud and the world respect.


Wang Min, born in March 1954 in Changyi, Shandong, is a professor-level senior engineer and enjoys the special allowance of the State Council.

He has been a delegate of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

He is honored as a national model worker and wins the National Labor Medal. He is concurrently the vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation and vice chairman of China Construction Machinery Association. He was a member of the Standing Committee of the 11th and 12th NPC of Jiangsu Province.


After joining XCMG at the age of 18, he developed from a grassroots worker to the boss of this company with hundred billion values and has stayed in the leadership for 18 years. During the interview, Wang Min kept talking about the reform and development of XCMG, showing the ambition and determination to lead the company to another peak.

 “Manufacturing industry is the mainstay of the national economy and also the foundation for the standing, prosperity and power of the country. To vigorously develop the manufacturing industry and speed up the transition of China from a big manufacturer to a strong manufacturer is the undisputed mission of XCMG in this era.”

From January to September 2017, XCMG reported operating income of RMB 76.8 billion, an increase of about 40% on a year-on-year basis; machine exports under XCMG brand were increased by 84.8%; self-run exports were increased by 101.7%; taxes on profits and profits only were increased by 2.4 times and 3.1 times, respectively;

Of the main indicators, XCMG is ranked first in the China's construction machinery industry and is the only Chinese enterprise that is included in the top 10 enterprises in the global construction machinery industry.

“Industrial development is a process of survival of the fittest during which the strong get stronger. Over the past five years, confronted with the downturn in the industry, XCMG has managed transformation and upgrading and the structural reform on the supply side, focusing on high-end products innovation and expansion to the international market. Under these attempts, XCMG exerted forces to buck the trend and accelerated the transformation."

Today, after several years of tempering at a low ebb and deep devotion to transformation, XCMG has set a more ambitious development goal: seeking the global market and shaping an international brand. By the time when the 2025 Strategy of Made in China is concluded, XCMG hopes to have been among the top three in the global industry as a member of the world luxury club of construction machinery.

To turn the development blueprint into reality, XCMG must further consolidate the foundation of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the process of internationalization, strengthen the research and development of products in the high-end area that meet the leading technical requirements in the world, and conform to the requirements of the information age.

 “We will vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing, optimize the global layout and further enhance the share of products in the international market to make XCMG products more influential and competitive in the global market.”

To build an “Everest-level” world-class XCMG as a national brand with global influence