Staying True to Mission and Determined to Reach Peak, XCMG Develops Powerful Large-Tonnage Crawler Crane Technology

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the requirement to speed up the construction of China into a manufacturing power and to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry. As a representative of China’s construction machinery industry, XCMG is not slack off. Its crawler cranes, as an important part of crane machinery, always have a part to play in the infrastructure construction of the country.


Figures tell everything: From January to September 2017, XCMG’s crawler cranes accounted for half of the shares in the industry and have maintained that position for three consecutive years. The market share of cranes with capacity of more than 300t was increased by more than 10%, which has secured XCMG an unshakable absolute leading position in the industry. Thousand-tonnage products outshone others. XCMG’s crawler cranes, especially large-tonnage ones, have become the major force and the first choice in all types of energy construction projects.


Over the course of 22 years, XCMG has created many unforgettable records and breakthroughs: from the first domestic hundred-tonnage plus product with independent intellectual property right -- QUY150, the largest domestic crawler crane QUY300 known as “No. 1 Crane in China”, to 1,000t, 2,000t and 4,000t crawler cranes.....The list will not end. Maybe only those who are bold enough to take the lead can trudge through this endless development road.