20 Sets of Generation G Cranes Adopted in Project Invested RMB 5 Billion

Dawn breaks the silent moon night. Two sets of Generation G 100t cranes XCA220 and XCT130 start engine at the same time. The roaring machines start a new day’s hoisting. Today the two cranes will work together for the first time to complete installing 7 bridges of 80 tons.


Zhangzhou City in Fujian Province is a transportation hub on the southeast coast of China. As road transportation is increasingly linked with ports, the original “four-vertical and four-transverse” road networks here are under enormous pressure. At present, Zhangzhou Section in Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway, the transverse road artery in South China, is under construction in full swing. To enhance carrying capacity, the engineering project invested RMB 5 billion will expand the original four-lane into bi-directional eight-lane.


Recently, the project will focus on completing pile foundation, pier studs and bridge deck. The cranes involved in hoisting are ranged from 25 tons to 220 tons in the construction site. The dazzling golden vehicle body is matched with the honeycomb logo. In the whole project site, the construction personnel are stunned by 20 sets of new Generation G cranes. The Generation G cranes have been launched in the market just for more than one year, but it is the first time to operate so many cranes at the same time in the construction site!


According to the project leader, because the project is highly valued by the national transportation department and the construction efficiency and safety requirements are highly required, the cranes have been selected according to the highest standards before the project equipment bidding. At present, XCMG G-series cranes are the best ones in the industry.