20 Sets of XCMG V-Series Loaders Take the Spotlight!

On November 9 and in XCMG intelligent manufacturing base for large-tonnage loaders, nearly 20 sets of XCMG V-series loaders are covered with red flowers and ready to go to a large coal mining group in Northwest China.



Liu Peng, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Company of XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit, delivers the golden key to the customer. XCMG loaders will support the construction of 100 million-ton coal mine in the thoroughfare of “Silk Road” and jointly build an “Oasis of Coal Mine”.

The coal mine is one of the 13 large coal bases of 100 million tons approved for construction by China. It is reported that hundreds of XCMG loaders have been operated in the coal mine. Today nearly 20 sets of XCMG V-series loaders are purchased in batch. XCMG loaders have become an absolute driving force in the coal mine. The golden standard of “leading technology and everlasting products” will support to build a green coal mine.

In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection have become an industry trend. Particularly in the coal industry, the construction environment is complex with huge dust. Each set of equipment is highly required to build the green coal mine. As the leader of energy-saving loaders in China, XCMG loaders have unparalleled technical advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection. All the main systems such as driving cab and hydraulic system are equipped with the filtering “respirator” to ensure that the equipment can “inhale” clean air before entering working state and also greatly support the loader reliability together with more environmental protection.


The large state-owned coal mining enterprise adopting XCMG loaders is famous for producing “green coal”. The product delivery enables the cooperation between the two parties in a much higher level in green environmental protection, and shows powerful combination between state-owned enterprises in environmental protection as well as strong back-up for environmental protection undertaking in China. Meanwhile, XCMG green and energy-saving loaders will also provide great product support for green coal mine construction.

XCMG V-series loaders adopt the most advanced system of Internet of Things to provide intelligent equipment management platform for customers and realize remote operation and management of equipment. Service personnel can also monitor the equipment in real time, accurately diagnose equipment trouble, provide solutions in time and get rid of customers’ worries.


The coal mine has purchased XCMG loaders in large volumes for many years, which not only highly recognizes the golden standard of “leading technology and everlasting products” but also recognizes national brand. XCMG V-series loaders have brought unprecedented experiences to the users with their advanced performances in industry and have become the best choice for users.