New Product Release | Amazing! XCMG’s Equipment as “Special Forces Soldier” in Hoisting Industry! ​

It can not only lift heavy loads and move, but also change telescopic boom; it can travel like “on flat ground” in muddy construction site, flexibly go through narrow terrain, and show its “stunning hoisting skills” in the height-restricted plant. This is called the “Special Forces Soldier” in hoisting industry--telescopic boom crawler crane.

From the appearance, it boasts the characteristics of flexible change of wheeled crane boom as well as loaded traveling of crawler crane. It can be applied in various occasions such as mountain, wetland, marsh, desert, forest, oil field, construction site, bridge site, highway and railway construction site, and other soft operation site, uneven and narrow sites. It can also be used for routine lifting, which is a highly applicable product.

As a leader in crane industry, XCMG aggressively enters into the field of telescopic boom crawler cranes. XCMG has produced the XGC 25T-220T telescopic boom crawler cranes and is the brand covering most comprehensive tonnage levels within China’s market.

“Special Forces Soldier” in Hoisting Industry Suitable for Complex Hoisting Environment

■ Specialized in muddy and slippery hoisting

It is difficult for ordinary hoisting equipment to enter into poor construction sites especially in rainy areas, muddy and slippery ground. However, XCMG’s telescopic boom crawler crane boasts a distinctive crawler traveling mode to provide a powerful driving force for the equipment. In particular, XGC25T, XGC55T and XGC75T specialized in foundation construction hoisting adopt the corrugated rolling track shoes of the same type with excavators to further enhance equipment adhesion friction and easily cross the muddy slippery site.

▲Traveling like “on flat ground” in muddy site

■ Specialized in large-slope hoisting

Cranes need climbing and crossing ridges during hoisting in mountain, gully and watercourse. Some auto cranes cannot complete hoisting in large-slope if without the assistance of excavators or loaders. However, XCMG’s telescopic boom crawler crane boasts a powerful driving system and strong climbing ability of 45%-60%, which not only surpasses the highest 40% of climbing ability in ordinary auto cranes but also exceeds the same type of products within China.

▲Easily climb over the large-slope terrain

■ Specialized in narrow and height-restricted hoisting

It is difficult for ordinary hoisting equipment to enter into the narrow and height-restricted operation passage due to equipment arrangement in factory and workshop. In the past, hoisting was conducted through temporary assembly of pulley block and manual work. However, the raising boom in XCMG’s telescopic boom crawler crane occupies a small area and is not restricted by site width and height; in addition, full range of products can realize the crawler stretching function and easily cross the narrow zone.

▲Hoisting in height-restricted workshop

▲Telescopic crawler to easily pass through narrow zone

Super High-Efficiency and Powerful Hoisting Performance of “Fighting As Soon As It Comes”

“This crane can work after the trailer is off! There are few components needing assembling. You don’t need additional staff to move around leg support pads, level machines or assemble the boom like the crawling crane.”

The customer who used XCMG’s telescopic boom crawler crane praised the product with excitement. Indeed, super-high operation efficiency is the core product advantage of XCMG’s telescopic boom crawler crane. XCMG’s products below 100T can be transported to other sites through only 1-2 trailers. After it reaches the construction site, it can realize rapid self assembly of rear balance weight and body balance weight through hydraulic lift cylinder and its own boom, and it can be used within 30 minutes fastest. Its traveling speed is 2.3-3 km/h and above 2 times of truss boom crawler crane of the same tonnage. It can truly “Fight As Soon As It Comes” just like a Special Forces Soldier.

▲XGC25T can be transported to other site through only one plate trailer

▲Self disassembly and turning of crawler beam in 55T and above products

▲Self disassembly and turning of rear balance weight by remote control in 55T and above products

Famous at Home and Abroad

Since the launch of the telescopic boom crawler cranes by XCMG, they have been successfully sold and applied in many provinces and cities across China, and have been widely recognized by customers. In addition, they have also been exported overseas and applied in hoisting in many countries such as Thailand, Nepal, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia with high praise from overseas customers.

▲XGC25T rescuing the stranded yacht in beach of Sanya City, Hainan Province

▲Two sets of XGC55T hoisting suspension bridge plates in Qujing City, Yunnan Province

▲XGC25T hoisting petroleum pipeline in Nepal

▲Three sets of green-painted XGC55T participating in municipal construction engineering in Bangkok, Thailand