XCMG XGC88000 & 1,250t Crawler Cranes Challenge A World Super Project!

Recently, after nearly half a month of water transportation, the second 4,000t crawler crane XGC88000 and a 1,250t crawler crane XGC16000 have arrived at the green petrochemical base in Yushan Island for the refining-chemical integration project with an annual capacity of 40 million tons at Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (ZPC).

These two machines mark the second cooperation between XCMG and SEG Heavy Lifting Crane Transportation and Engineering Co., Ltd. after XCMG Guanglian Rental delivered the first QUY45O crawler crane on the island.

Joint Landing of XGC88000 & XGC16000

XGC88000 & XGC16000 are representative hoisting equipment of XCMG. This delivery is made to hoist 2# propylene rectifying tower, the first super large equipment in the ZPC ethylene project with an annual capacity of 1.4 million tons. The 2# propylene rectifying tower has a design height of 110.63m, an inner diameter of 7.7m, and a lifting weight capacity of 1,800t. It is so far the largest ethylene cracker in the world. Due to the difficulty in lifting assembly technology, the equipment selection was demanding. After many calculations, discussions and researches, the main builder decided to use XGC16000 & XGC88000 provided by XCMG Guanglian Rental for this tower hoisting task.

It is known that XCMG paid due attention to this hoisting tasks and set up a 14-member installation and commissioning team led by the director of the assembly branch of the machine plant. The team landed on the island before the equipment arrived. They fully communicated with the technicians of SEG Heavy Lifting Crane Transportation and Engineering Co., Ltd. and studied the assembly and commissioning site before working out a scientific and efficient plan for the arrangement of the structural members.

In fact, it usually takes more than 20 days to assemble and commission XGC88000, and it took even longer in this project to have one more unit of XGC16000. In order to ensure that the 2# propylene rectifying tower would be hoisted before Christmas, the commissioning team worked very hard to meet the deadline. After a few days, they all got tanned for being exposed to the sea wind and sunshine in winter, and their lips even scabbed! However, they worked for the honor of XCMG without regrets and kept their chin up against all odds!

Eventually, the commissioning team worked perfectly with the hoisting equipment and assembled the machines much faster than the original plan of the Project Department. The team members from XCMG showed stunning endurance and fighting spirit and were highly praised by the project owner, the supervision unit and the Project Department of the SEG Heavy Lifting Crane Transportation and Engineering Co., Ltd.

The hoisting work for an offshore petrochemical empire has begun and will have much to deliver!