XCMG Reach Stacker Becomes a Preferred Product in Madagascar

Now XCMG XCS45 reach stacker is on a cargo ship sailing to the beautiful Madagascar, carrying with it the mission of XCMG and the expectations of Madagascar. It is going abroad to demonstrate its ability and the manufacturing capacity of XCMG and China.


 “We choose XCMG XCS45 reach stacker because we have good faith in XCMG and its products. We also learn that XCMG products can work reliably under the extremely cold environment of minus 30 Celsius degrees in Harbin, in the harsh sandy and windy environment in Xinjiang, and under a scorching environment of over 40 Celsius degrees in Hainan for a long time. This makes us more determined to our choice,” said the person in charge of product procurement in Madagascar.

 “We also appreciate the smart, efficient, energy saving and reliable performance of XCMG XSC45.”


XCMG has been leading the development of the industry with technological innovation. XCS45 has such smart features as vertical lifting, active anti-rollover and traffic safety protection to provide clients with all-round protection and allow them to manipulate the reach stacker more easily.


Based on the control system developed by RTOS, the vehicle only needs 0.3s to respond with an action. Equipped with the dynamic power matching technology, the vehicle supports output power adjustment based on the load and its operating efficiency is increased by 10%. The high-speed and high-efficiency power transmission system increases the transition rate of the vehicle by 8% over the industry level. XCMG offers the most efficient product to maximize efficiency.


With the optimized multi-body dynamics matching technology consuming the least force, XCS45 features a 5% weight reduction. Its low-speed and high-torque transmission system marks the best match between power and economy to save fuel consumption by 15%. It testifies XCMG’s long pursuit for lighter and more energy-efficient products.


XCS45 has been using hop-up tests and Failure Model Effectiveness Analysis 3 times tougher than the national standards in order to provide clients with more reliable products.