XCA450 teams up with QAY260 to present magical ancient Egypt to the world!

Speaking of the ancient Egypt, besides the Pyramid and Pharaoh, the other is no doubt the sphinx standing in the vast Sahara Desert for thousands of years! This world-renowned cultural heritage building is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world together with the Pyramid. For the Chinese people in the far east of the world, this is bound to be merely a distant imagination. However, as to today, this dream does not seem that distant anymore.

On March 21, a large-scale film and television scene was officially completed in Shijiazhuang Studio, as it witnessed a huge sphinx standing in the studio. The main force involved in the construction was the XCA450 and QAY260, two all terrain cranes of XCMG!



The statue is 47 meters high, with its head weighing 90 tons. As the main body of this statue is a steel structure, hollow inside with irregular shape, making it an extraordinary test for the hoisting process! The center of gravity is difficult to determine, causing it most hard to confirm the fixed point. Hence, the millimeter-level precision installation can only be challenged by relying on the micro-motion of the crane!



Reports show that the country's first XCA220 is the main force of Chaoneng Hoisting Company. In recent years, Chaoneng Hoisting Company has been committed to the large-tonnage hoisting market, highly-efficient service and safe and reliable stability helped it win a sound reputation in the market. For this hoisting task, Chaoneng Hoisting Company has also made a lot of preparatory work to ensure the smooth construction.



The entire hoisting process has been completed within just 2 hours with high quality. According to Manager Zhao who has participated in the hoisting command, the company’s sound developing momentum this year is mainly due to two aspects. First of all, in terms of equipment, it all use XCMG’s products featuring the best stability in the country, which is the most fundamental guarantee for the high-risk hoisting industry. Secondly, the company's management level has been gradually improved at present, especially in terms of safety management. This is not only a forward-looking decision on its own operations, but also a responsibility to customers. The successful completion of this project will undoubtedly provide more valuable experience for the company's hoisting development!