Head for the Future with the Powerful Heading Machine

From April 16 to 18, 2018, "the Thirteenth Ordos International Coal and Energy Industry Expo" opened at the Ordos International Convention and Exhibition Center. EBZ135L and EBZ200A heading machines brought to the Coal Expo by XCMG Foundation were favored by many clients and ordered by participating clients on the very first day of the Exhibition. 


XCMG Foundation entered the mining machinery industry in 2011 and is the only enterprise that had developed, tested, put into production and successfully passed the coal safety certification to achieve sales in the industry. Although XCMG's heading machine products are developed relatively late, outstanding performance has been achieved within just several years with powerful research and development platform, systematic sales model and professional after-sales service. A product spectrum is formed by EBZ series heading machine, drum-type variable frequency series and drum-type double-motor variable series coal cutter, XTR series tunneling machine, XCS series dust exhausting fan, etc. The vertical shaft excavator XTR7/360 with the highest tonnage in China developed in October 2017 has become a model of environmental-friendly construction and a powerful mining tool for clients for its high construction efficiency and favorable effect.



The promotion event for XCMG's heading machine products was also held ceremoniously in the treasure land of Ordos with abundant integrated resources, gathering hundreds of experts and clients in and around Ordos of Inner Mongolia to seek common development path. XCMG will adhere to the concept of advanced technology and durability for the heading machines in the future and commit itself to promoting the development strategy of science and technology innovation, and leading the development of green, efficient and intelligent coal mining.