Growth of Joint Efforts! XCMG's Domestic E-Commerce Business Exceeds RMB 80 Million Yuan in March, with Total Sales of RMB 180 Million Yuan in the First Quarter!

With an overall sales revival in the engineering machinery industry and a rapidly growing market demand in 2018, XCMG's one-stop engineering solution service platform, XCMG Mall, has achieved great performance with turnover of over RMB 80 million yuan in March, 2018.

It's the marketing model of XCMG based on e-commerce, an important evidence to achieve upgrading and transformation, and another great result by integrating active innovate practical marketing and informatization.

XCMG one-stop engineering machinery solution service platform - XCMG Mall


Satisfactory performance in XCMG domestic e-commerce business and engineering machinery Internet+


Consisting of complete machine products, spare parts, second-hand machines, leased equipment and other business segments, XCMG's domestic e-commerce business is mainly based on XCMG Mall, where 397 sets of complete machines including cranes, excavators, loaders, road rollers and 14962 post-market products including spare parts, second-hand machines, leased products are sold online within one year from 2017 when the platform went online with a total sale of RMB 184 million yuan.

With rapid increase in various products of engineering machinery in 2018, the turnover of XCMG Mall also increased and achieved outstanding performance. At present, 168 machine products have been successfully sold in XCMG Mall as of March with a turnover of complete machines reaching RMB 76.3163 million yuan.

In addition to the e-commerce segment, the post-market e-commerce service segment of XCMG Mall has also achieved great development including spare parts sales, second-hand machines, leasing business, wherein spare parts segment is especially outstanding. Since the mall supports online payment, users can easily find and order genuine and original spare parts products, which greatly promoted the development of spare parts e-commerce segment.


Product page for parts and components in XCMG Mall


New online sales model jointing complete machine up with parts

As the enterprise ranking the first in China and the sixth in the world and the only one in the industry to keep the top-ten position for several successive years, XCMG has been leading the way in new model for complete machine e-commerce development in the engineering machinery field. In the no-bargain price promotion for online road roller products in Q1, four 22t/26t single steel road rollers of JS and H series were launched for no-bargain sales. The activity received extensive attention from users and intense market response upon going online.



Online no-bargain price promotion activity for specified models of complete road rollers


Meanwhile, XCMG has carried out pilot entry for several regional agents to the mall, which means spare parts products ordered by users at XCMG Mall will be provided by a regional agent with online marketing support and service to greatly save the time of receipt and reduce the logistics cost for users as well as the service radius of XCMG's products to fully meet the timeliness, convenience and other requirements for spare parts by XCMG users.



XCMG' mining series products


The e-commerce model for engineering machinery is worth expecting

The rapid development of XCMG's domestic e-commerce business is an important practice of digitalization, platform construction and intelligent service transformation and upgrading in engineering machinery by XCMG. As a leader in the engineering machinery industry, XCMG Mall has been leading the new trend of engineering machinery development since its establishment with a new business development model and all-round innovation.

At present, XCMG Mall displays nearly 500 complete machines and parts up to more than 3000 kinds covering products from XCMG Heavy Machinery, XCMG Earth Moving, XCMG Road Machinery, XCMG Excavator Machinery, XCMG SCHWING, XCMG Crawler Crane, XCMG Construction Machine, XCMG Foundation, XCMG Truck-Mounted, XCMG Railway Equipment, XCMG Fire-fighting, XCMG Guanglian Rental, XCMG Second-hand Transaction, XCMG Hydraulic Parts amounting to over ten companies. In the first quarter of 2018, XCMG Mall has realized a turnover of RMB 180 million yuan in total, and will achieve greater development in the future with the sustained high market demand and increasingly mature online procurement.