Grand Opening of "the First Machine Operator Training Class in Pakistan" by XCMG

On April 15, 2018, a vibrant spring day, "the First Machine Operator Training Class in Pakistan" by XCMG was opened ceremoniously in the XCMG 4S store located at the western suburb of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. A total of more than twenty machine operators from local and Chinese construction enterprises in Pakistan participated in the training with enthusiasm


"The First Machine Operator Training Class in Pakistan" is an important part of the public welfare program "Global Good Machine Operator" promoted worldwide by XCMG. As one of the global accurate public welfare programs of XCMG, the public welfare program "Global Good Machine Operator" is aimed to provide global users and related practitioners with a platform for learning and training, skill improving, interactive sharing to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the whole engineering machinery industry.


The Opening Ceremony of the First Machine Operator Training Class in Pakistan by XCMG

The training class was officially opened at 9 a.m. local time. First, National Manager in Pakistan Zhao Wei of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd. delivered a speech to extend warmest welcome for the operators' participation on behalf of the organizer. Next, Manager Zhao introduced the general situation of XCMG. As a leader of the engineering machinery industry in China, XCMG has kept the No.1 position for successive 29 years by adhering to the gold standard of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products" to provide clients with first-class engineering machinery products.

Manager Zhao emphasized that XCMG not only provide first-class products to clients, but also focus more on the after-sales service for clients. Therefore, XCMG is continuously improving and strengthening the construction of overseas post-market to makes the overseas clients enjoy the same service standards as those in China and "rest assured in procurement and use".

At present, XCMG has established a spare parts service center of 9000 square meters in Pakistan, which can provide one-stop after-sales service for local clients. The machine operator training is an important upgrading matter in the XCMG service system. XCMG will realize the target of "changing passive service to active service" in the current Pakistan market on one hand, and let more users become familiar with XCMG products, understand the operation specification and maintenance process of XCMG products, simple troubleshooting and the like on the other hand to reduce early failure rate due to non-standard operation or late maintenance. In the later period, XCMG will customize personalized service according to clients' requirements to create greater benefits for users.


Zhao Wei, National Manager in Pakistan of XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd. was delivering a speech

Then, staff from XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd. and product managers and service managers from various machine factories exchanged and discussed theoretical knowledge of loader, road roller, land leveler, crane and other related products with the trainees.


XCMG trainers were sharing theoretical knowledge with machine operators

In this training class, XCMG's staff not only communicated and shared theoretical knowledge with the machine operators, but also prepared practical training courses with rich content for them. XCMG's staff gave lectures about standard operation procedures, product maintenance precautions, simple troubleshooting and other practical skills, and answered questions asked by the machine operators.


XCMG professionals were instructing and training machine operators on site

At the end of this training, XCMG Pakistan Company presented award certificates and prizes for excellent trainees and a group photo was taken to mark the occasion.


Group photo of the First Machine Operator Training by XCMG in Pakistan to mark the occasion

The success of the XCMG training class for machine operators in Pakistan received unanimous praise from the trainees. Many trainees think such training class not only provide helpful knowledge but also solve practical problems in work and that it is more of a platform for experience exchange and friendship building.

In recent years, with the increasing recognition of XCMG brand in overseas markets, XCMG's overseas business is growing rapidly with increasingly higher market share. In adhering to the gold standard of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products" to provide clients with first-class engineering machinery products, XCMG also increases targeted investment in overseas products and service training to help local clients realize "safe, efficient, economical" use and maintenance of products and finally the maximization of clients’ benefit. So far, XCMG has successively opened several machine operator training classes in countries along "the Belt and Road" to have fully improved the recognition of XCMG products and operation skills in local users and received the trust and support from local users. And the gold standard of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products" for XCMG products is becoming increasingly impressive to clients.