A Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine of XCMG Creates another Miracle in India

"Passing through a river followed by a mountain" is undoubtedly the most appropriate description for the construction experience of XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling machine of XCMG in Gujarat, India.



Successful passing through the Ganges River of India by the horizontal directional drilling machine XZ6600 with the largest tonnage in 2017 shocked the entire non-excavation industry. Now the drilling machine makes another achievement by working together with XZ3000 horizontal directional drilling machine of XCMG to pass through a complex mountain bidirectionally in an oil pipeline laying project of India's HP Oil Company and successfully lay a pipeline of 4240 long and 400mm in diameter. The geological condition of the mountain is complex with enormous construction risk, the consequence of which will be unpredictable without equipment of stable performance and complete service guarantee. Several construction companies had previously surveyed the construction site and chose to give up, while the client who purchased XZ6600 were confident about XCMG's drilling machine and took the project determinedly.



Prior to the commencement of the project, XCMG Foundation dispatched an after-sales service and support team to the site to provide prompt technical support and considerate service to the client. After hard work lasting over a month, the pipeline laying was successfully completed on March 30, 2018 bringing another surprise to India's non-excavation industry.

XCMG products have won the recognition of the market by changing "impossible project" into "successful project" through similar projects one after another. XCMG will definitely move on once it steps on the path. XCMG staff will create more miracles by products with "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products" to continue the legendary story of the key enterprise.