The Vice Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Cheerleads XCMG's Assistance in Baku Harbor

Recently, XCMG, as the general contractor successfully completed the delivery of 34 sets of hoisting equipment in the Azerbaijan port project assisted by the Chinese government.


China's Ambassador to Azerbaijan Wei Jinghua, Vice Prime Minister of the Azerbaijani Government Sharifov, Baku International Trade Port Group President Dyadov, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy to Azerbaijan Wang Chungang, media representatives and XCMG service team amounting to nearly one hundred people attended the handover ceremony.

Ambassador Wei Jinghua and Vice Prime Minister Sharifov cut ribbon for the handover equipment together


Ambassador Wei Jinghua and Vice Prime Minister Sharifov cut ribbon for the handover equipment together and signed relevant handover certificates. Ambassador Wei said in his speech, "This assistance reflects the profound friendship between the Chinese people and the Azerbaijani people. It also reflects the firm support from the Chinese government for the joint construction of "the Belt and Road". Vice Prime Minister Sharifov thanked the Chinese government for providing non-reimbursable assistance to Afghanistan.

Ambassador Wei Jinghua visited the assistance equipment with Vice Prime Minister Sharifov


The engineering machinery and equipment for assisting the project in Azerbaijan includes XCMG all terrain crane, skip steer loader, container reach stacker and other products and spare parts. XCMG dispatched a service team of 6 to provide services including equipment installation, commissioning and technical training for a period of 30 days. The hoisting equipment for assistance in the port will greatly enhance the handing capacity of Baku International Trade Port to further consolidate the status of regional logistics center for Baku Port.

Group photo of the XCMG team and the Azerbaijani staff in front of the assistance equipment


After arrival, the XCMG service team checked the equipment with the local staff and made installation schemes. Training schemes were also made for different equipment, trainees and service teams. For example, more attention was paid to maintenance for small tonnage forklifts and safety operation for large tonnage forklifts. The training combines theory and practice, with interestingness and practicability in mind.

A XCMG engineer was giving product knowledge theory training for the Azerbaijani staff


The 220-ton all terrain crane QAY220 of XCMG has the highest value and complexity among the assistance supplies, and is also the currently the largest tonnage crane owned by a port company. With the main arm stretching up to 64 meters, the first arm stretching commissioning has drawn attention of the local staff.

"We are most excited about the 220t crane, and its arrival will bring more possibilities to our work," said Elkhan Babayev, General Person-in-Charge on the project site. Seeing is believing. XCMG is really a very powerful enterprise to produce such excellent products.


The XCMG team made a 10-day crane training plan for the local staff. Crane driver Yucel Baromov who has eight years' experience in crane, was still impressed by the training.


"XCMG's product is just great. Compared with other brands of large tonnage cranes, XCMG's QAY220 has a variety of steering modes to have more flexible driving, simpler lifting operation and more reliable lifting performance. "

The XCMG team was instructing local trainees to install the all terrain crane


29-year old Mandov Alibaz is a mechanist at the port company, who was particularly excited about his participation in the training.


"The assistance equipment is of the latest model, which is what the company needs badly now. The Chinese engineers taught us the installation and commissioning, service and follow-up maintenance. This is exactly the information we need at present. I'm so glad to participate in the training to learn from the Chinese friends. "


By the end of the project, Mandov and his colleagues had mastered the maintenance of all the equipment.

The skid steer loader for the assistance


In order to better make the equipment better used for a longer time and serve the Azerbaijani people, the XCMG team not only imparted operation skills, maintenance methods but also the "four principles of non-damage", "shift and handover record system", "checking module before start of equipment”, “ten principles of prohibition in hoisting" of the crane and other safety precautions, and trained over 100 Azerbaijani trainees in total. The XCMG team taught everything they know in this technical service, got along with the Azerbaijani staff and received unanimous praise.

The XCMG team got along with local trainees


As the enterprise ranking first in China, sixth in the world and the only one in the industry to keep the top 10 position for several successive years, XCMG has advanced and reliable complete equipment and marketing service network. By adhering to the core values of "Taking Great Responsibilities, Acting With Great Morals, and Making Great Achievements", it has implemented 14 public welfare programs in earthquake relief, education assistance, poverty alleviation, industry development, environmental protection to receive the highest awards in China Annual Meeting of Public Welfare and China Public Welfare Festival and have explored and created an international, accurate and characteristic public welfare path.