With Market Share of the Belt and Road Snatched, XCMG Gave Opinions!

With a theme of "The Role of Chinese Construction Machinery Industry for the Belt and Road", China Construction Machinery Brand Promotion Campaign & Press Conference 2018 was ceremoniously held at 11:30 on April 23 (local time in France). On the same day, INTERMAT 2018 opens. 

This conference was hosted by CCCME & CCMA and supported by Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and Chinese Embassy in France. Gao Yuanyuan - minister-counsellor from Chinese Embassy in France, Wang Guiqing - deputy director of CCCME, Qi Jun - president of CCMA, and Veronique Arnal - sales director of the French Intermat exhibition attended this conference. 

People's Daily, CCTV, CNR, China Daily, Economic Information Daily, and other national-level media, as well as domestic and foreign professional media in the engineering machinery industry were invited and attended meeting.

Yang Dongsheng - general manager took a group photo with guests attended this conference.

During an entrepreneur dialogue process, as an enterprise representative, Yang Dongsheng - general manager and deputy party secretary of XCMG first made a speech and shared engineering experience with a theme of "XCMG Brand and Construction of the Belt and Road".

Yang Dongsheng - general manager of XCMG made a speech with a theme of "XCMG Brand and Construction of the Belt and Road".

XCMG - leader in the Chinese construction machinery industry

Yang Dongsheng first introduced development history of XCMG. XCMG, a company with a long history of 75 years, is a founder, pioneer, and leader of Chinese construction machinery, and has maintained the 1st in the Chinese construction machinery industry for 29 consecutive years. In the latest rank released by KHL in 2018, XCMG ranks the 6th and goes up 2 compared with the rank in 2017. XCMG takes core value of "taking great responsibilities, acting with great morals, making great achievements", fulfills the golden standard of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products", has provided construction machinery products and complete sets of solutions with advanced technologies and high quality to customers in more than 100 countries and regions, and won trust of customers from all over the world.

Yang Dongsheng answered questions from global reporters.

Joint development with win-win solutions, XCMG - forerunner of the Belt and Road

Yang Dongsheng especially introduced development of XCMG in countries along the Belt and Road. XCMG actively widens cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, adheres to production and sales localization, and insists in a "localization" fusion strategy. XCMG not only provides readily marketable products and complete equipment solutions for customers in countries along the Belt and Road and takes full advantages of localized resources in these countries, but also brings new employment opportunities and promotes economic growth in these counties.

XCMG has built more than 100 1st-class dealership outlets and spare part outlets and more than 20 offices. With XCMG's cultivation and development for many years, sales revenue from countries along the Belt and Road has exceeded 50% of total export of XCMG. XCMG "Gold" shines in major projects in many countries along the Belt and Road. To better expand cooperation with and service in these counties, XCMG will continue to strengthen post-market construction in these areas, which makes it easier for customers to enjoy one-stop services.

Deployment in mid-to-high end market, XCMG - to be a world-class enterprise

Yang Dongsheng introduced development of XCMG in Europe. He said that the European market has been always one of XCMG's highly valued overseas markets. One of XCMG's development objectives and strategies is to meet demands of European customers and to provide complete set of solutions that satisfy European customers. At the same time, XCMG established XCMG R&D Center (Germany) in Dusseldorf, Germany, developed more and more core components with fully independent intellectual property rights with the help of European R&D strength and talent advantages, and provides new impetus for XCMG's future development.

XCMG R&D Center (Europe)

In the last session of this conference, Yang Dongsheng - general manager of XCMG answered questions from journalists all over the world, as well as exclusive interviews from CCTV and other professional media at home and abroad.

Yang Dongsheng accepted an exclusive interview from a medium.


XCMG development about the Belt and Road

Since the Belt and Road was put forward by President Xi Jinping in 2013, China gets closer with countries along the Belt and Road, and enterprises from China and these countries have more frequent exchanges. Countries along the Belt and Road are important overseas markets for XCMG, and revenue from these counties accounts for 72% of XCMG's total export. XCMG products have been exported to 57 countries and regions along the Belt and Road. Currently, XCMG has 67 1st-class overseas dealers, 72 overseas spare part centers, 8 branches, and 13 offices along the Belt and Road. To better cooperate with countries along the Belt and Road, XCMG intends to newly establish 2 marketing companies, 4 offices, 10 1st-class dealers, and 16 service spare part outlets.

In 2017, XCMG product export increased greatly along the Belt and Road, grew by 51% in Central Asia, 119% in Africa, 107% in West Asia and North Africa, and 80% in Asia Pacific, and ranked the 1st among Chinese brands in the above areas. At present, XCMG products enjoy the 1st export market share among 30 counties along the Belt and Road, obtain export market share of over 50% in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Pakistan, and other countries, and won Caterpillar - global construction machinery giant in export market share in Central Asia, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

XCMG continues to develop extensive and in-depth cooperation with local customers, and constantly be recognized and affirmed by customers. XCMG equipment shows in many major projects in counties along the Belt and Road.