Shining in South America | XCMG Lands at AGRISHOW

From April 30 to May 4, the 25th AGRISHOW, which is the largest agricultural exhibition in Latin America and the third-largest agricultural exhibition in the world, was grandly opened in Hebelem City, Brazil. It attracted global construction machinery giants. As a highly competitive and influential supplier of construction machinery, XCMG Brazil unveiled five high-end products at the international-level event, which were developed and improved for close to the local market and meeting customer needs. XCMG Brazil demonstrated its pursuit of “Advanced Technology and Durability” at the event.

Enjoying the excitement and passion of XCMG Brazil on AGRISHOW at home with the writer!


Large-scale booth of XCMG Brazil

Five high-end products






XCMG Brazil received high attention and interest from customers at the AGRISHOW.

Breaking ground for internationalization and serving as a world-class company! In the future, XCMG Brazil will continue adhering to the core values of “taking great responsibilities, acting with great morals, making great achievements” to improve product quality by combining with the local requirements, strengthen service timeliness and effectiveness, and thus continuously climb to the Everest!