XCMG Launches New Company and Spare Parts Center in Turkey, Further Integrating Eurasia with Global Outreach

All participants in Inauguration of XCMG Turkey and Spare Parts Center in Turkey

On April 28, 2018, XCMG held the inauguration of its branch company and Spare Parts Center in Turkey in Ankara, the capital city of the country.

President Lu Chuan said in his speech, “The ancient Silk Road started with China and ended in Turkey. Today, the Belt & Road Initiative has drawn closer the bilateral relations between the two countries” The establishment of XCMG Turkey is an epoch-making incident with great significance for development of engineering machinery in Turkey. It will help facilitate construction of infrastructures in Turkey.

As a major nodal country along the Belt & Road, Turkey has always been deemed as an important market in the international strategy of XCMG because of its special location and market position. The XCMG Turkey and Spare Parts Center in the country will provide more products and machinery of the manufacturer for Turkey clients, and help more Turkey clients to become successful. On the other hand, XCMG Turkey will provide highly cost-effective products and solutions for clients right beside them.

Turkey is XCMG’s market with great strategic position. Since entering Turkey market in 2000, XCMG’s crawler crane, truck-mounted crane, all-terrain crane, excavator, load, leveller, rotary drilling rig and continuous wall grab have been sold well to construction sites in the country. Till today, XCMG has sold more than 1,000 units in Turkey market, making itself a China brand exporting the largest number of machinery to the country.