XCMG Industrial Design Center Wins “TIA Corporate Design Center” Award

Recently, the 2nd World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC2018) with the theme of “Design and Ecology” was opened in the first industrial design town of China - Hangzhou Liangzhu Mengqi Town. It is the largest and most prestigious event in the global industrial design community. XCMG Industrial Design Center was invited to attend the event and won the award of “TIA Corporate Design Center”.

XCMG Industrial Design Center is Awarded “TIA Corporate Design Center”


The TIA Award (Top Innovation Award, abbreviated as TIA), which is called the “Top Ten Design Awards”, is an international design award sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the World Industrial Design Conference and jointly organized by the design organizations from various countries around the world such as China Industrial Design Association. It is also the first international design award issued by China to the world.

The 2nd World Industrial Design Conference

The award focuses on designing forces that have made outstanding contributions to innovation and sustainable development in various fields of world economy and society. It aims to seek and establish innovative models and innovations that improve human life and stimulate industrial vitality on a global scale, and commend organizations, individuals and achievements that have outstanding contributions and influence in such fields as politics, production, teaching, research, finance and business.

Speech by Li Yong, Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Although a total of more than 5,000 organizations and individuals from more than 30 countries and regions around the world competed for the TIA Award this year, XCMG Industrial Design Center finally won the Award through four stages of evaluation.

Speech by Wang Jiangping, member of the Party Group and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Winning the Award shows that the preliminary innovation results of XCMG Industrial Design Center are recognized and confirmed by the Association and the industry, and XCMG also demonstrates its industrial design and research strength on behalf of China’s construction machinery industry at the global event.

TIA Award ceremony

XCMG Industrial Design Center Receives the Award of “TIA Corporate Design Center”

At present, industrial design plays an ever-increasing role in leading innovation, transformation and upgrading in the manufacturing industry. Under the guidance of XCMG’s vision to “become a world-class enterprise with global trust and innovation of unique value”, XCMG Industrial Design Center focuses on user research, innovative design, man-machine engineering, virtual reality and other core technologies, and form a global industrial design innovation system that combines the advantages of national platforms aiming at full lifecycle intelligent manufacturing in the phase of product concept, continuously leading the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry, driving the design trend of the construction machinery industry, stimulating the design and innovation of China’s high-end smart equipment, and thus making unique contribution to XCMG climbing to the Everest summit.