Turnover Ceremony Held to Deliver XCMG Units to the Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines

Days ago, the 172 XCMG units purchased by the Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines (DPWH) were shipped to Manila, Philippines.


The ceremony was attended by Mr. Oscar Isidro, Equipment, Operation and Maintenance Director of DPWH, Alice Lao, General Manager of Philippines dealer company JINYI and Mr. Han Hongzhi, XCMG Representative in Philippines.


DPWH was established on January 30, 1987 with the headquarters in Manila. DPWH is responsible for project safety in public works and for maintaining the domestic highway system and irrigation system. The equipment purchased by DPWH, in a few categories such as carry-scraper, road machinery and excavators, will be used in the highway construction and maintenance engineering in Philippines.


DPWH Turnover Ceremony attended by project clients, XCMG team in Philippines and dealers


At the Turnover Ceremony, the XCMG equipment coated in orange, which was customized for DPWH, presented great brilliance in the sunshine. Mr. Oscar Isidro, Equipment, Operation and Maintenance Director of DPWH, expressed thanks to XCMG Group and its dealer company JINYI in Philippines, who also praised XCMG and JINYI teams for their quick response to DPWH’s purchase demand while making technical communications and improving the plan as per local construction situation and DPWH’s requirements for equipment. Mr. Oscar Isidro highly praised XCMG equipment for their performance and quality. At the same time, he also expressed satisfaction with the solutions provided by XCMG and JINYI teams.


According to Ms. ALICE, the General Manager of JINYI, the company, as the official representative of XCMG in Philippines, has been dedicated to providing Philippines clients with XCMG products featuring “leading technologies & durability”, and expanding the influence of XCMG brand in the country. At present, with strong support of XCMG, JINYI has established wonderful client relations in Philippines, the well-developed sales network system and premium after-sales service team. In the future, JINYI will continue to provide high-quality solutions to engineering applications and excellent after-sales service for government departments and corporate clients in Philippines and China’s projects in the country. In this way, more Philippines clients will know and use XCMG products, secure common development together with XCMG.


XCMG equipment coated in orange, which was customized for clients, presented brilliance in the sunshine.


Mr. Han Hongzhi, representative of XCMG Import & Export Company in Philippines, said that, as the world’s sixth largest and China’s largest engineering machinery manufacturer, XCMG will make utmost efforts to provide Philippines market with premier engineering machinery products featuring “leading technologies and durability”. At the same time, it will provide Philippines clients with solutions to construction and sustainable development. The product delivery to DPWH works as a wonderful model of China-made products, in particular XCMG-made products along the Belt & Road.


The loader-digger customized by XCMG for clients


XCMG’s service travel along the Belt & Road


Philippines neighbors with China across the sea. It is the good neighbor of China and one of the most important partner countries along the Belt & Road. XCMG, as China’s earliest manufacturer of engineering machinery operating in Philippines market, is playing an important role in major construction projects in joint development of energy & mine and building of public infrastructures such as port, wharf, railway, highway and industrial park.


After years of development, Philippines has become the important overseas target market of XCMG. Taking more than 50% market share in Philippines, XCMG products are the first brand of engineering machinery for Philippines clients.


Philippines President Mr. Rodrigo Duterte met with Mr. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG


Philippines President Mr. Rodrigo Duterte met with Mr. Liu Jiansen, General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Company


XCMG crawler crane was operating in Mariveles thermal power station in Philippines.


XCMG mixing station was operating in Isabela ready-mixed concrete mixing station


XCMG mixing truck was serving in Cebu house building project in Philippines