Nepal Client Gave High Praise for XCMG Excavators

On the mountain highways leading out of Katmandu to the west of the capital city, one XE215 was working, whose exceptional performance won great praise from the client.


As the Belt & Road Initiative gets implemented, Nepal has witnessed the wave of infrastructure building. Constructors from China bring valuable experience, funds and jobs to Nepal, solving difficulties in local economy while promoting export of made-in-China machinery including XCMG products. XCMG is now having greater fame and influence in South Asia region.



As the leading manufacturer of engineering machinery in China, XCMG is the first to kick off its operations in Nepal market. Considering the mountainous working conditions, XCMG Excavator, after discussing with XCMG Export & Import and its dealers, decided to focus on XE215 product, which has strong excavating force, solid chassis, erosion-resistant bucket and other technological advantages. As the first 10 XE215 units were put into the market and made wonderful performance, clients have placed more orders. Its dealers also placed extra orders for 50 units. As a result, XCMG Excavators has rapidly established evident competitiveness in Nepal market. .


“XCMG excavators are featured by robust power, easy driving and wonderful comfort. We are most satisfied by its bucket. This is the best rock bucket I have ever seen in Nepal. Look forward to seeing consistent performance of XE215 in the project”, said Director of Equipment in SBM’s mountain highway project department, giving great praise to XCMG excavators.