XCMG Foundation Made Presence in Trenchless Asia Held in Malaysia

Since launched in the market in 2017, XCMG E products have started to dominate the trenchless market in China. Even more, they have become one of the most attractive highlights in exhibitions.


Not only ago, Trenchless Asia 2018 was held in KLCC in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. XCMG Foundation exhibited XZ360E horizontal directional drilling machine and MARS500 tube push bench at Trenchless Asia 2018, showcasing to the world users its dedication to “leading technologies and duration”.




During the event, XCMG Foundation stand was crowded by visitors and audiences. On the first date of exhibition, XZ360E was sold. As tube push in rock layer gradually become a major technical problem in Malaysia, the MARS500 of XCMG has the potential to become a popular model. This tube push bench tailored for SE Asia market such as Malaysia was originated from XDN500, a very popular model favored by domestic users. It is suitable for various geological conditions. Featuring precise construction direction, strong ability in pushing ahead and easy operations, the model can meet construction demands for building underground pipelines for urban sewage facilities, anti-flood infrastructures and rain-sewage diversion renovation projects.



The E-series trenchless equipment launched by XCMG Foundation has attracted great attention from users thanks to their advantages such as great intelligence, high value, high efficiency and high cost-effectiveness. “When using the products, we find the E-series drills of XCMG Foundation are taking the leading position in the industry in terms of safety, environmental protection, human-oriented design, intelligence and appearance design. In particular, great improvements have been made in driver cabin of E-series. The electric shock alarm and other safety configurations have been installed in it, making construction process safer and more efficient”, said a major client of XCMG’s E-series horizontal directional drilling machine .