XCMG 2000- ton Crawler Crane Assists “Hualong One” in Completing the “Crown” Ceremony

According to a CCTV news report, on May 23, XCMG 2000-ton crawler crane XGC28000 successfully completed its first demonstration project of “Hualong One” - the dome lifting of the No. 3 reactor building at Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant in Guangxi. XCMG kiloton crawler crane demonstrated its incontrovertible powerful strength with invulnerable perfect performance once again, interpreting the responsibility and national sentiment as the Pillar of a Great Power.



The first demonstration project of “Hualong One” is the third-generation million kilowatt-level nuclear power technology with complete independent intellectual property rights in China. Fangchenggang Nuclear Power “Hualong One” project will serve as a reference power station for the B project in Bradwell, UK. It is an important window for our country to build a “Powerful Nuclear Power”. One is the world-famous “China’s No.1 Crane”, and the other is China’s first autonomous nuclear power technology that enters the European market. The XCMG XGC28000 and “Hualong One” are the strong forces that will inevitably create an upgrading brilliant spark of “Made in China”.



One who wants to take the crown will have to support its weight. The dome of Fangchenggang’s “Hualong One” nuclear power unit is as heavy as 226 tons, which is a hyperboloid hemisphere composed of 70 steel plates, with a height of 13.6 meters and a diameter of 45 meters, equivalent to the size of four standard basketball courts.


“To lift a 226-ton weight to an altitude of 63 meters and then land precisely on the upper mouth of the reactor building. The tolerance of the counterpart must be controlled at millimeter level, which is a great challenge for us.” Explained by Zhu Zeming, the general manager of CGNPC Hualong One project.



CGNPC as the owner, and CNEC as general lifting contractor, attach great importance to this lifting. Through continuous research and comparison, they finally determine that the important lifting work will be completed by XCMG XGC28000 crawler crane with rich experience in lifting. The XGC28000 crawler crane adopts the tower condition of 78m boom and 54m jib. Through precise operations such as trial lifting, lifting, rotating positioning and mid-fall hooking, the dome can be smoothly lifted into place. The whole process is completed in one breath. It is 30 minutes earlier compared with the expected lifting time; the lifting load rate of the crane is controlled within 85% during the whole process, which fully ensures that the construction process is stable and safe.



In fact, as early as in 2015, XGC28000 crawler crane co-worked perfectly with “Hualong One” in Fuqing, Fujian, and successfully completed the lifting work of the steel lining module, the first extra-large piece of the project, marking the civil works of “Hualong One” main plant officially entered the peak period of construction. The significance of the dome lifting of “Hualong One” nuclear power project in Fangchenggang became more prominent. It marked that the main project of the nuclear island transformed all-around from the civil construction to the equipment installation phase, and was one of the most important nodes in nuclear power project construction. So far, the two “Hualong One” projects under construction in China have both been printed by the figure of XCMG XGC28000, and they have both participated in important nodes of construction and lifting, fully demonstrating the unique charm of being the powerful weapon of a strong country.


XGC28000 Crawler Crane Completes Its First Nuclear Lifting in Fujian


After many years of battle, it has performed all its feats. Since the stunning appearance in Wuhan’s 800,000 tons/year ethylene project in 2011, XGC28000 crawler crane has turned its skills into reality in many places. With excellent performance, it has been able to overcome all obstacles all the way and challenge the impossible.


The First Show of XGC28000 Crawler Crane


At the end of 2016, XGC28000 crawler crane equipped with a semi-submarine ship successfully completed the task of installing a 4MW offshore wind turbine, pioneering in the offshore wind power lifting technology for the 1,000-ton crawler crane and pounding out the shocking sound of XCMG, showing a giant’ strength greatly.


XGC28000 Crawler Crane Offshore Wind Power Installation


At the end of 2017, in Beijing Yongding River grand bridge project, XGC28000 crawler crane achieved millimeter precision lifting with the courage of being a pioneer, accurately piercing the steel structure of the first section of the main tower weighing 574 tons through 85 steel rods and 208 shear keys embedded beforehand in the concrete below, withstanding the huge pressure of costing the whole game and successfully established a new record in history.



The brave man dares to take the lead. The success of XGC28000 is just a microcosm of the extraordinary strength of XCMG’s 1,000-ton crawler cranes. Under the guidance of chairman Wang Min’s product strategy and development ideas of “Three High and One Great”, XCMG crawler crane lifting has been deep ploughing and planting, always occupying the top position of various crawler cranes in China. In 2013, XCMG XGC88000 crawler crane came into public attention after it was first lifted in Yantai, and created 3 international pioneering technologies and 3 international leading technologies. XGC88000 crawler crane, with more than 80 national patents, has broken foreign companies’ years of monopoly in the industry of super tonnage crane. It has not only enhanced the international image of China’s manufacturing, but also promoted the development of large-scale engineering construction.



In December 2017, the second XGC88000 crawler crane, which was independently developed by XCMG, successfully accomplished the lifting work of the world’s largest ethylene cracker propylene tower in Zhoushan Islands in Zhejiang, and once again wrote a new legend of being the powerful weapon of a strong country in the name of “The World’s No.1 Crane”. XGC16000 crawler crane, which was in close coordination with XGC88000 crawler crane in the lifting project this time, was also a “shining star”. It was not only the top-selling kiloton crane product in China, but also exported overseas twice, creating a record of exporting the largest tonnage crane in China.