XCMG Received 10 Million RMB Order by Focusing on First Training Program on Urban Drainage System

In the first-time training program organized by XCMG Environment, the representatives were seen coming from Shenyang Water Group and XCMG dealers in various regions. In the three-day training program, the clients saw with their own eyes the leading technologies and reliable quality of XCMG Environment products. They placed orders for a few sewage-pipe dredging & cleaning vehicles, with contractual value exceeding 10 million RMB. A few days ago, all these vehicles were delivered. 

Sewage-pipe dredging & cleaning vehicle

XCMG sewage-pipe dredging & cleaning vehicle is the dry & wet dredging vehicle that integrates high-pressure cleaning, vacuum dredge absorbing and sludge transport. It is suitable for absorption, dredging and transport of sludge in the sewage pipes. It uses water in the high-pressure plunger pump to strongly dredge and clean the underground sewage pipes, so as to thoroughly eliminate the sediments blocking the pipes and filth on the pipe walls. The vehicle is equipped with high-pressure water guns, which can be used for water excavation in special environment, thus avoiding possible damage of cables or pipe system caused by excavation. The vehicle can also be used for absorption and transfer of dry materials such as aggregates or earth. 

Product characteristics

1. Equipped with tertiary centrifugal fan, the blast capacity reaches 13,600m3/h and the maximum suction distance at 25 meters;

2. It is able to work at the same time for absorption working conditions/high-pressure dredging working conditions, or can work independently. The two working conditions do not interfere with each other.

3. The lossless excavation can effectively prevent the damage to underground pipelines caused by the excavation.

4. The telescopic boom has the stretching, variation and rotation function, which greatly expand the scope of work.


Solutions to underground pipeline construction

Standing in the market forefront, XCMG Environment adapts to holistic solutions to maintenance of underground pipelines in China. In particular, it meets the urgent needs of non-excavating for relevant technologies and equipment while strongly promoting the overhauling vehicle and joint dredging & cleaning vehicles. After communicating with relevant technicians in domestic and overseas leading companies, and after following up with the information updated in the process of equipment use, we have ensured the established use of the two types of equipment.