Master Wei and XCMG Hanfeng Heavy-Duty Truck

At the end of June, we followed Master Wei engaged in the logistics industry to transport chemical fertilizers from Shandong to “The South of Colorful Clouds”. Master Wei is not only an old driver with more than 20 years of driving experience, and but also a loyal customer of Hanfeng Heavy-Duty Truck. Soon after launching of Hanfeng G7, he fell in love with this truck at a glance and drove it to different places. Up to now, it has been nearly three years.

Master Wei, from Zibo, Shandong Province, has gone around all over the China and got a deep understanding of this industry. At this time, Master Wei needed to transport chemical fertilizers from Binzhou, Shandong Province to Kunming, Yunnan Province, with a total distance of more than 2,600 kilometers and total time of 3 days.

When talking about why XCMG Hanfeng was selected at a glance, this usually short-spoken man, Master Wei, suddenly became talkative.


“Life is only once. Safety is the most important and I am responsible for the whole family.”

Due to rushing about for years, he witnessed many traffic accidents that left him with great fear. Life is only once. Each man is responsible for the life and dream of the whole family. One important reason for selecting Hanfeng by Master Wei is safety. XCMG Hanfeng is designed with a cage-type body structure. The largest thickness of the steel plate is up to 4mm. In addition, it’s also provided with collision backwards technology to effectively improve driving safety.

“It’s easy to overtake on the road, especially during climbing, and it’s more fuel-efficient.”

The frequent driving route of Master Wei is Yunnan route. In this route, there are lots of difficulties, such as lots of peaks rising one after another and big slope, which are appropriate for truck model with big horsepower, so he selects Hanfeng G7 with 460 horsepower, which is not only easy to climb, but also more fuel-efficient and more economical than those with small horsepower during climbing. Moreover, there are stricter requirements for safety of the truck during driving on the mountain roads. After all, if the truck gets broken in the mid-mountain, it has great influence on maintenance and transportation time. But, Hanfeng G7 is provided with the Weichai 12L engine, Fast gearbox and Hande rear axle to constitute the leading and reliable power transmission chain in China.

“The body is the capital of revolution. After years of driving, there are stricter requirements for the degree of comfort.”


Long-time driving is the professional nature of the truck driver. Howerver, it also brings about many occupational diseases due to driving for a long time. After driving for more than 20 years, Master Wei has more considerations for the degree of comfort of the truck. Hanfeng is provided with four gas bags for suspension shock-absorption and technically matched with vibration of the driving cab. After three years of driving this truck, Master We confirms that degree of comfort of this truck is truly higher than those of similar trucks.


Usually, Master Wei cherishes the truck and cleans the truck whenever he is free. Although the truck was bought in 2016 and has travelling on various roads for about three years, the paint is still as bright as new.

After arriving in Kunming, Master Wei also contacted the transaction of a whole truck of ceramic tiles and was going to Ruili, Yunnan Province – an important customs clearance port between China and Burma.

In large mountains in Ruili, as there were no restaurants surroundings, Master Wei, waiting for loading bananas, had to cook by himself. There are large spaces in the storage compartments in the driving cab of Hanfeng. Apart from clothes and personal hygiene products, it’s also sufficient to store small kitchenware. In a few minutes, a hot and tasty dish was prepared well.

Master Wei with loading at night was ready to drive on the road again. He said that he was the simplest truck man and lived the simplest truck life. He has been accompanied by this Hanfeng G7 for about three years and will continue to go to various places in the future. He will move on to a better life together with Hanfeng G7, a “truck for becoming rich”.